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When people are particularly happy, they often dance and play around with objects, “Rotary disc” is the acrobatic show that comes out of this behavior. When the performer with a length of about one meter, thick bamboo pencil pen top of the hard, brittle porcelain plate at the bottom, constantly shaking the bamboo. Rely on this movement continue to adjust the balance of the center of gravity of the plate, so that the plate does not fall in the top rotation rod.

Rotary dish, also known as playing the disk, this program in China has a long history of more than two thousand years. A fresco was found in the graves of Han (206 BC - 220 AD) unearthed in the suburbs of Liaoyang, Liaoning Province, where an actor held a bamboo pole in his hands and danced a plate. Found in the Han Dynasty in Yunnan Province, a bronze Kam, portraying the two dancers dancing hands both hands plate. The rotary dish portrayed in the Han tombs of the Yangtze Mountain in Sichuan Province has been approached in a modern juggling manner, except that one person can only play a pair of face plates. Through the creation of ancient artists, the art of "playing the flower plate" can now play a lot of tricks. The hands with deep kung fu can hold 10 to 14 face plates at the same time and perform body skills such as bending down. Some performers even stand on rugged benches, bend their backs to the flowers in vases, and make unexpected tricks such as standing head-to-head with both hands, standing upright on their heads, standing alone on their feet. Today's “Rotary” more collective performances by a group of girls, through the hard work and innovation, not only promoted the development of skills, but also added an elegant lyrical tone to the rotating disc. Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe to create a piggyback five shapes, layers of rotating faceplate like flowers in full bloom; Shenyang acrobatic troupe turn plate, like a swan wings, many people create a queue of red plum, , So “turn disc” full of poetic.

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