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Are you ambitious? Do you know a man who has no ambition, will not lose battle? See how it is said by Jack Ma

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35-year-old you poor, poor you deserve!

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Jack Ma said: When I founded Alibaba, I invited 24 friends to come to my house to discuss, I talked for exactly two hours. They heard confused, and I also talked confusedly. What is the end? Of which 23 said that forget it, only one friend at work in the bank that you can give it a try, can not quickly fled back. I thought for one night, I decided to do it the next morning, even if 24 people totally opposed me.

It was immediately opposed by friends and relatives. In fact, the biggest determination is not that I have great confidence in the Internet, but I think one thing to do, regardless of failure and success, experience is a success. You go to challenge, no you can turn around. But if you do not do it, it's like thinking about a thousand roads at night, starting the same way in the morning.

Many people lose their lives in the face of new things. Can not see at first, second look down, third can not read, the fourth was too late.

You are poor because you have no ambition. Ambition is a magnificent goal that we must achieve in realizing our great ideal in life. In this world, there are only things that you can’t dare to think and don’t dare to do. How ambitious you are, how broad your future is.

A poor hard-working handyman, but because of an embarrassment in front of an unforgettable embarrassment, has become a world-renowned, extremely wealthy heroie!

Initially, she was a staff member working at the lowest level in a large company. Every day her job was to pour tea, clean her health, and nobody paid any attention to her. Once, because she did not bring a work permit, she was stopped by the company's guard outside the door, are not allowed to enter. She told the guard, he really is the company's employees, this is for the company to buy office supplies went. However, she said a lot of good things, the guard still dismissive of her, are not allowed to her inside. During this period, she watched those same age, white-collar workers dressed in business wear has entered the company's door, did not produce a work permit. Then she asked the guard: “These people did not produce a work permit, how are also entered?” In a guard looked down up and down her appearance, coolly waved it means to say: “go away point, do not bother me!.” She felt a great humiliation, self-esteem as if the guard stamped on the foot. She looked at her shabby clothing, and hands pushing a dirty flatbed, and then look at those gorgeous, her heart was deeply hurt, and suddenly tasted being sour, her heart jumped hot face, trembling.

At this time, at this moment, an oath in her heart burst into tears: I must create miracles, become rich people attracted thousands of people become world-famous strongman! Let this shame buried forever underground!

Since then, she began to take advantage of all opportunities to enrich themselves. Every day, she first came to the company, the last one left. She will casually count every minute and second, others lost time is spent in learning and work. Soon, she stood out. Among the same players, she was the first to have an agent. Then she relied on Superman's efforts to become China's general manager of this multinational company! She hasn’t highly educated, only self-professed diploma in the Chinese manager was respected as “working queen”, then she served as Microsoft's general manager of the Chinese company. She is the business woman Wu Shihong.

Imagine, if originally, Wu Shihhong no determination to change the fate of the rich did not become ambitious, perhaps, her life is that poor and humble handyman. Is ambitious, is an all-conquering ambition, created a brilliant.

You are poor, because you are not lack of lofty ambition bramblings. You are poor because you can not overcome your inner cowardice. You are poor because you lack the courage and determination to become impossible.

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