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Will you often play games with your kids? Do you have no time to spend time with your kids because you are busy with your work?

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How important are family games for kids

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Family games can narrow the distance between the baby and the parents, so that parents can better understand some of the aspects of the personality characteristics of the children. Therefore, parents should attach great importance to parent-child games. In the baby game, watching every positive response of the baby, you will feel great happiness. Baby has physiological needs, but also needs of love and communication, need your love and attention, you need to communicate with your baby. Intelligent parent-child game can strengthen the emotional connection between parents and children, parent-child interaction is the best way.

Promote the development of cognitive ability: Research has shown that intellectual parent-child play has many special meanings, much more than what a baby learns in a buddy game or solo game, and helps to develop the baby's creativity. In the parent-child game process, the baby and you have a lot of verbal exchanges, can promote the baby's language development.

Promote the development of social skills: Often play together with your baby, your life enjoyable play an important role in promoting the development of your baby's social, parent-child game is conducive to the formation of safe attachment. Security attachment and the joyful experience gained in the game help to develop interest in interpersonal communication and promote the development of communication skills and form a lively and cheerful personality.

Can develop baby's right brain: Scientific discovery, human left brain mainly engaged in logical and rational thinking. Right brain is mainly engaged in the image of thinking, is the source of creativity, art and experience of the learning center, right brain storage capacity is 100 million times the left brain. But 95% of people in real life only use their own left brain. Scientists point out that most people use only 3% to 4% of their brain for the rest of their lives, with the remaining 97% hidden in the subconscious of the right brain. The potential of the right brain, if not developed and trained, will gradually lose its growth. The human brain completes 60% of the development by age 3 and 90% by age 6. The right brain develops well before age 3. The left brain is developed from the age of 4. But the adult right brain is only about a quarter of the age of 3 years.

So how do you do parent-child games with your kids without too much time? You can make use of the toys. Now we have the clock number building blocks for sale, parents can use the normal time to play this toy with their children. Not only interactive communication with children, but also allow children to understand the figures and develop of children's creativity.

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