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Children grow up in a wide variety of ways, we can use the toys to stimulate children's exercise potential, so as to stimulate the child's growth hormone.

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What are the benefits of playing jump ball?

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Jumping ball a toy for children and adults to play, mostly using rubber as raw material. Sitting on top of the ball, with the movement of the feet, rubber ball will bounce up and down and pushing the body to achieve weight loss fitness results. Can train children's coordination and responsiveness.

Jump ball can enhance heart and lung function, physical endurance and balance. 2 times more calorie consumption than the average athlete.

Change the other athletes can only exercise a single part of the shortcomings. Whole body endurance exercise, especially the leg curve, tighten the buttocks, creating a charming figure. In a short period of time can reach the complete and complete body movement. Growing children to use more jumping ball is not only a tall president, but also exercise physical coordination.

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