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More than 6 billion people in the world are sub-healthy! Which level are you in sub-health?

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In 2016, China released the Blue Book, and the data shows that the Chinese sub-health group has exceeded 75%, distributed in all ages is also very uniform. In the same year, the World Health Organization also issued a report.

In fact, we are no stranger to the word sub-health. But why does sub-health become more and more serious with the improvement of living standards? It seems that sub-health has become a global topic, and we must be aware of the seriousness of this problem. The current social sub-health problem is becoming more and more prominent, and it is not unrelated to our increasingly poor living environment, increasingly stressful living pressures, and increasingly deformed lifestyles. Although many people know that they are in a sub-health state, they do not want to make efforts to change this state.

There are three levels of sub-health, which level are you?

Mild sub-health:

The basic rules and balance of life and diet, and occasionally there are some behaviors that are not conducive to health, such as staying up late, eating junk food.

Moderate sub-health:

Irregular work, often eating out or “just take a bite”, short-term memory is worse, often uncomfortable but not serious enough to go to the hospital for inspection.

Severe sub-health:

Life and diet are extremely irregular, unbalanced, often overdraft, and the body is fatigued for a long time.

How can we prevent sub-health?

1. A reasonable diet. Diet is closely related to the physiological and psychological state of the human body. First of all, we should make sure to eat on time and not overeating. Then we must ensure that the diet is balanced and not picky eaters, so that we can fully consume all the nutrients the body needs. In addition, you should eat less or not eat junk food.

2. Good sleep habits. If you don't sleep well, you will be tired the next day, and you will be irritated and easy to fall. It is best to have 8 hours of sleep every day and go to bed every night before 11 o'clock. Don't delay sleep because of work or study tasks. This will not be worth the candle. After all, health is priceless.

3. Reasonable work arrangement. Nowadays people are working hard for work, study, and dreams. They often stay up late, work irregularly, and forget to eat. But this will drag the body. It should be reasonable arrangements for work, do work and rest, so that not only can improve efficiency, but also reduce stress.

4. Exercise regularly. Don't take part in physical exercise with the excuse of “work busy”. Life is in the doctrine of sports. Everyone is clear. If there is no healthy body to do the money, then what to fight, to struggle, to chase dreams. And some movements are simple and don't cost money. Like use boxing ball to boxing, use juggling ball to juggling, use stress ball to exercise your finger, ect.

5. Meal on time. If you are busy, you should eat on time, especially breakfast. As the pace of work speeds up, today’s office workers are becoming less and less punctual, it is not easy to eat a healthy and nutritious meal. Few office workers regularly eat nutritiously. Don’t eat breakfast or casually plug a few mouthfuls become a common phenomenon.

Don't be too nervous when you find yourself sub-healthy. Relax, remind yourself every day, eat properly, exercise properly. Sub-health can be improved according to your own adjustment. This article is dedicated to you, hope that people in sub-health will recover soon, others should protect their health.

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