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How important is the significance of painting children grow up?

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Children's painting is a kind of tailoring of the inner world of young children. Carrying out children's paintings has a good help and inspiration for cultivating children's intellectual abilities, improving their ability to observe, exerting their creative ability, and purifying the soul. Therefore, carrying out children's painting has certain significance for cultivating comprehensive quality.

First, painting can purify children's minds

Painting is a complex spiritual activity, the most direct, free and convenient expression of children's emotions. Through painting, they can fully express their inner feelings and feelings about the outside world. Through their own personal experience, children use keen observation, rich imagination, and the interesting things, characters, animals, environment, and brushes in nature's hands, such as comics, figure paintings, Landscape paintings, still lifes, sci-fi paintings, etc. express their inner world. Children's paintings are themselves play, games, venting, balance psychology, self-regulation, and a relatively high-level complex emotional motivation for children. Through these demonstrations, let the children feel the natural beauty in nature and feel the beauty of man-made objects in society. Through observation, children can acquire rich knowledge and creative inspiration, so that children can be educated by emotions and art, and cultivate children's noble sentiments, perfect personality and healthy life.

Second, accustomed to painting, improve children's ability to observe

Our paintings are expressed through observations of things. Only by observation can we analyze the differences between objects. Through observation, a large amount of material will be collected, and the horizon will be expanded to enrich imagination. Develop their ability to eye, brain, hand comprehensive applicable. Through observation to reach the outside world. Teachers and parents should create a good atmosphere for the children and guide them to observe. Bring children to a beautiful environment, let the children touch the things of nature and beauty, use vivid and touching language to inspire children to observe, think, create, and use the beauty to encourage children's activities and enthusiasm. In the observation of the child, help them to make clear observation requirements and tasks. Observe the observation object suitable for the age characteristics of the child during the observation process, only interesting proposition, can really mobilize the enthusiasm of the children observed. In the observation of the child, we have to inject some observation methods. How to compare observations, learn to follow observations, observe typical features, observe in order, help children master the methods of observation, and promote their observation. It is necessary to cultivate the meticulousness of the child's observation. Through the observation of the small part, the picture image is vivid and true. It is also necessary to cultivate the continuity and stability of the child's observation. Outdoor activities will open up the horizons and enrich children’s life. You can cultivate their concentration and concentrate on painting in a complex environment. Children must choose a good location according to the selected goals, sit and observe, think about painting, and then create paintings with valuable materials. So make your child practice good basic skills of observation.

Third, learn painting, to play children's creativity

When children draw, they are a kind of creation. Through the observation of environmental matters, the imaginative ability is fully realized by what you see, hear and associate. In a very excited mood, enraptured, high spirits, while painting his mouth into the role, free to play, free to boldly performance, creativity, imagination, conquest get concrete expression in painting. In the process of painting, children should cultivate their creativity and imagination, stimulate creative desire, build confidence, cultivate the ability to create, and make mind and body move to healthy development. It is necessary for children to be independent, happy, individual, passionate, imaginative and creative. Children are younger and cannot evaluate their abilities. After he painted his paintings, he was not only immersed in self-appreciation and praise, but also wished to receive praise from teachers and parents. The eager hope of this kind of praise will satisfy the children and increase their enthusiasm and further stimulate and mobilize their enthusiasm and potential. Children will be like firewood, and the more they burn, the more interest they will make, the more active, flexible, and confident they are. Their imagination and creativity are amazing. The children have to organize and process the observed materials, and the finishing process is “creation”. The creation of painting content is a recombination of various knowledge and experience, and it is difficult for a child with poor knowledge to carry out novel creative activities. Develop more children's interest in the surrounding things, give children the freedom to create, freely express and freely explore opportunities. To teach children how to draw their own pictures, children will see the world around them every day. If they don’t remind them and guide their observations, they may turn a blind eye and not pay attention to the shape, color and other changes of the object. Give your child a timely reminder to guide his attention.

Fourth, painting can increase children's desire for knowledge

Painting is the art of wisdom, create a good work, there is no certain knowledge is difficult to estimate. Even with good materials, our eyes are so big that our brains are empty and white. It is difficult to ignite the spark of wisdom, it is difficult to find the expression of inspiration and creation, let alone draw a good work that makes people happy and unforgettable. The wider range of knowledge, the more deep drawn work. It is precisely because of these accumulations that you will be able to create an ideal work in creation and in the midst of meditation. When children use knowledge accumulation to actually apply in painting, they can ignite their desire to continue to seek knowledge. In the era of great knowledge economy, what we need most is creativity. Art is recognized as one of the effective ways to foster children's awareness of innovation. Painting is an important factor influencing the formation and development of children's innovation consciousness, and it is conducive to exploring painting education methods that adapt to the new era. Make children's sense of innovation get a better image and development.

So how do you cultivate your child's interest in painting?

1.Cultivating your child's sharp eyes and sensitive mind is the first step in accumulating. Take the children to the vast world, go to the beautiful nature, feel the life, and feel the beauty. Parents can guide their children timely, inspire children. Observe the details of things and observe the difference between different things. This is both the training of observation ability and the cultivation of children's thinking ability.

2.Parents should prepare suitable painting tools for their children. If one day, the child wants to pick up the pen, they can easily get the utensils they like. When children are young, they can prepare magnetic drawing boards, watercolor pens, and oil pastels. There are washable watercolor pens and oil pastels on the market. If you accidentally apply it to furniture, clothes, and bed sheets, you can wash it off easily. Mom doesn't have to worry about hygiene, and the baby can play freely.

3.Look at your child’s work with an appreciation. Children’s work may be immature and rough, but parents must take a serious look at their children’s work and fully affirm the advantages. Specifically tell the child where to attract himself, how good, in short, sincere praise, sincere treatment. According to the child's ability, suggestions for improvement should be made appropriately. The recommendations should be specific and operable. Don't use your child's work as a standard. As long as the child can convey what he wants to convey, it is a superior work.

Now our company has designed a new painting toy, which is drawing ball. The fruit is printed on the painting sphere, and kids can color the fruit according to their knowledge. This painting ball has a strong educational significance. It not only enhances children's awareness of color, but also enhances their awareness of life.

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