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Boxing, giving children the knowledge they can’t learn at school

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Why do we recommend children to learn boxing? In addition to exercising, boxing learns the skills of self-protection. More importantly, boxing can also teach children that they can't learn in school—healthy mental construction.

Children learn boxing in the first learning content not kick boxing, but the demeanor. This is because the behavioral norms of a practicing boxer are reflected in all aspects. Boxing is a kind of practice for young children. Cultivate children's sense of spirit, to cultivate children's quality of perseverance, to cultivate children's indomitable personality, these are achievements decide what the future life of the child.

Boxing also teaches children to learn to accept “failure.” In boxing training, confrontation is often carried out. No one will not be defeated, but everyone will stand up and accept “failure.” Accepting failure means accepting insufficient, recognizing yourself and improving yourself better.

Is child boxing harmful?

After the practice of strength, they may also have aversion and rejection of these sports, and don't say it. Therefore, it is not easy for children to practice boxing to be psychologically harmful.

How old is a child practicing boxing?

At the age of 4, the harmony and flexibility of the child's body can be carried out faster. Attention, memory, thinking ability, behavior control can have a significant progress, which provides excellent conditions for learning kung fu. At this time, you can start learning Kung Fu. However, the child's learning and sports ability is not high enough, only suitable for learning some simple kung fu movements and action combinations.

The benefits of practicing boxing

1. Help shape the body: Boxing is a sport that is very suitable for women to shape their bodies. Boxing practice activities are large, and the fat reduction effect is obvious. On average, it consumes about 700 calories per hour, which is arguably the most consumed of all fitness programs. Boxing exercises for weight loss and enhance their physical fitness and stamina have very good results. The pace of boxing is flexible, and the boxing attack is dominated by punches. The muscles and ligaments on the shoulders can be moderately exercised, and the whole person becomes more flexible.

2. Fitness prevention disease: Many modern cities are ‘sitting workers’. After a period of exercise, the painful backache and neck pain caused by sedentary are gone. Boxing is a whole body exercise, very concerned about the coordination of various parts of the body. Also to make people's reactions more agile, after practice, in addition to the improvement of concentration, the eyes will become extraordinarily.

3. Vent their emotions: One of the reasons why boxing is popular is that it caters to the nature of human beings who need to fight things.

Notes on practicing boxing

1. In the boxing training, you should hit the hard-filled sandbags. The best sandbags for boxing training are usually filled with hard, made of leather. The more sandbags are filled and the better the stability, the more you can punch out. Outdoors proposed purchase inflatable boxing ball, lightweight portable.

2. When training sandbags, stand firm and punch around the sandbags. After each combination of punches, the punches move to the left or right, dodge from side to side, and then counterattack. From the fourth round, right-handed and left hooks are used to hit the sandbags, just like hitting an opponent. When the bell rings, a heavy punch is given to end this round.

3. The sandbag exercise should be after the air strike practice. Start with basic punching and gradually increase your strength.

4. You must imagine that a fierce enemy standing in front of you will push you step by step. You must go all out to prevent, counterattack, and slam! You can't take it lightly.

5. Coordinating relaxation can make you faster, more powerful, and more energetic.

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