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Looking at the present, mobile phones into every corner of society, play an increasingly important role in our lives. In the street, the subway, the mall, can be seen everywhere wearing a headset, holding the phone in the mobile phone overuse. They are completely indulged in the virtual network world, turning a blind eye to everything around them, turning themselves apart from the world around them.

We are used to the convenience of mobile phones. However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Today, when mobile phones are popular, our lifestyles and values are constantly being eroded and changed. Over-reliance on mobile phones, so some of our own function gradually alienated.

Over-reliance on mobile phones, will damage our health. Now some people, especially the young self-control is poor, often through the night to play phone, long bowed to the screen, wearing headphones, typing on the keyboard. Not only affects people's vision, hearing, but also causes the body's immunity to decline, the confusion of thinking and nerves.

Too much reliance on mobile phones will alienate the relationship between people. Long-term addicted to the virtual world, let us out of touch with real life, seriously affecting the normal human communication. Because of the accustomed to excessive dependence on mobile phones, many people are reluctant to interact with people, causing autism. Some people even form an alienated personality and are unwilling to deal with people in real life. This is extremely detrimental to the growth and development of a person.

Over-reliance on mobile phones will weaken our thinking ability. Every day, there is a huge amount of information on the Internet, and the online world is flooded with all kinds of spam. Because of the instant nature of network information, many people are just holding onlookers when they are faced with a lot of information. Read and browse without any choice, such fast reading, without screening, thinking, passive acceptance, not only is it not beneficial to people’s thoughts and spirits, but harmful. The brain is like a container. When our brains are filled with all kinds of information, we can't hold our own thoughts.

When we bow our heads, we can no longer see the blue of the sky, the ethereal white clouds, the greenery of the green trees, and the splendour of flowers. We can no longer feel the poetry of life, the greatness of nature, the mystery of the universe, the sublimity of humanity. Disadvantage of mobile phone overuse of so many, really do not consider put down the phone to play some new stuff?

Come on! Playing jugglng with me!

Why choose juggling? Because juggling can not only cure the harm that the low-headed people bring to us, but also protect our health.

Juggling beneficial to you? The study says yes. Juggling is considered a fun hobby that helps street performers and circus clown performances. But it actually has some physical and mental advantages.

Being busy in your spare time can be an effective way to challenge yourself, stay young and learn important life lessons you can use to your future.

“Juggling practice will focus and calm your mind as it enlivens and balances your body,” Michael J. Gelb

So let's jump in there and talk about why you should learn if you have time to play around.

1. It helps to develop your mind

Scientists used to think that our mind can not grow older with age. Some people think that as long as you reach the peak, from here on the downhill, your brain will slowly decline.

The new study actually changed this view, just as many scientists now believe that you can develop your own brain by learning new and challenging new skills. Juggling meets these requirements. In a recent study, German researchers divided a group of 24 people into two groups. One team will learn to play in the next three months, while the other team will not.

The study measured the size and structure of the brain than did MRI scans of all participants three months ago. The result is amazing.

They found that the brain size of juggling participants actually expanded, and those who did not see their brain size unchanged. This seems to indicate that the brain can indeed grow with age, and one of the ways you can do it is to learn how to do it.

2. It helps build white matter in your brain

Most brain research (including what I just mentioned) focuses on the issue of gray matter, the brain that controls complex functions such as thinking and motor skills.

The second part of the brain is white matter, which is thought to help the brain communicate with different parts of the brain and with the rest of the body.

Overall health and eye coordination are important. This makes it a very important part of your body. Like gray matter, the amount of white matter in the brain seems to increase compared to non-jugglers.

In a study at the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf participants who leaned to juggle where able to not only gain both white and grey matter in the brain, but they were able to keep the larger brain even after they stopped juggling for 4 weeks.

This shows that even after exiting, juggling has some long-term benefits.

3. It helps to relieve anxiety

Anxiety is a real problem that can hold individuals back and make life harder for people. One way that you can help overcome anxiety is to learn how to play based on a new study.

Seventeen female patients with anxiety were divided into two groups. The first group learned, while the second group didn’t. Participants are required to come back for the STAI and T-A exams (indicating your level of anxiety). In both tests, the team that learned how to operate scored higher, suggesting that juggling can help you overcome your fears and concentrate.

The article also hinted that in the future, anxiety patients may be used to treat anxiety disorders.

4. It gives you lifelong lessons

You can also learn many life-long lessons from juggling. It can help you focus on what you are doing and improve your control.

It also promotes the acceptance of opportunities and reduces the fear of failure. As we all know, if you practice juggling, you will miss a lot of balls at some point. This lets you get used to running obstacles and makes you want to work hard to achieve your goals. This is a very skillful life that can be enhanced by juggling.

5. Can improve academic work

More and more people also believe that learning how to learn juggling from an early age can help children improve their learning abilities. A few schools such as Nowlin Elementary School and Alimacani Elementary School are now teaching kids to juggle as a way of helping them improve coordination, concentration, confidence, and academic success.

While there have not been any official studies with elementary school kids and academic success it is widely believed among school officials.

Teachers from across the country reported that children learning juggling are also good at reading. Some even reported that, if they are juggling words, those children will be able to do a better job of trying to read.

“Lifes a struggle if you cant juggle”

At first glance, juggling seems not a good thing (of course, except to impress your friends). But there is evidence that this is important to you.

Learning to play can increase the size of your brain, reduce anxiety, teach you something new, and it may even help to learn the process.

In addition, learning and becoming a hobby is also a cool skill.

Juggling platetraning juggling ball

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