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Early educational can develop baby intelligence, then educational toys are play an important role in the early baby educational.

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Is it necessary to teach infants early?

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In my opinion, early education toys choice, don't let your baby lose at the starting line

Studies have shown that people follow the law of diminishing mental development, that is, the smaller the person's age, the higher intellectual development. Therefore, 1 to 3 years old is the golden age of baby's intelligence, which is the best time for education and literacy, and also the best period for exercise coordination. So early childhood education on the baby's growth play a very important role.

How to teach your baby early?

Although many parents have the baby's early education awareness, but don’t know how to do. Therefore, some parents choose to send the baby to early education institutions. However, the development of early education market is confusion. If you have money then will be able to open and charges is no standards, the basic state of disorder and spontaneous, hidden dangers are many. Therefore, I suggest that those parents who do not know how to teach their baby early, rather than those who believe that good and bad early education institutions, it’s better to choose ourselves teach baby early education. In the early education process, you have to prepare a very important props - early education toys. It can not only increase the baby's interest, but also can develop the baby's intelligence, exercise the ability of the baby brain, let the baby can play while learning.

How to choose the early educational toys?

First of all, the toys you have prepared must be novel, such as bibi hand stick and some ball cover beautiful pattern, can increase the baby's fun; then you can choose some puzzle toys. For example, the colorful animal bean bag can help baby identity the color and understanding animals. The educational ball can learn letters, number, fruits and so on.

In focusing on the type of toy selection, parents must pay attention to the quality of toys. Some toys made of poor quality plastics often contain excessive amounts of PVC, formaldehyde, benzene, lead, mercury, chromium and other harmful substances. Frequent contact may cause baby skin allergies, the baby's upper respiratory tract, nervous system damage.

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