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Toy is play a important role in children childhood. So choose safe toy is necessary.

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How to choose imported toys for children?

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With the continuous improvement of living standards, many parents like to buy imported toys for their children. However, the purchase of imported toys, there are many tips, look at the inspection and quarantine departments before buying a children's toy purchase guide.

These small parts are actually very dangerous

Safety is the first element of toys. Mothers choosing toys for infants and young children in particular, should be careful. Don’t buy small parts that may be swallowed or inhaled, such as small plastic beads and the edge of the other toys to be smooth, flat. Toys with sharp or rough edges can easily scratch the child. If children have the habit of bite objects, then the toy material to be safe, preferably natural material, to ensure that toys or toy parts size is large enough not to be swallowed by children, plug the throat.

At the same time, we also need to be careful about pronouncing button batteries in books, music cards, and electronic watches. Button batteries that children accidentally swallow will move smoothly in the body, stay in the esophagus, causing tissue damage. If there is battery power, but also because there are currents cause the body burns. To be on the safe side, don’t let children play with similar toys independently.

Novelty toys actually hide the risk

Finger top gyro by the United States in 2016 the rise and then swept the world, claiming to relieve anxiety and ease pressure. This fingertip toys flat shape, just pinch the middle of the bearing, after the leaf can be turned to make it idle in the hands. Finger top gyro is particularly popular with boys, many primary school students even asked to buy a variety of fingertips gyro.

Recently, however, the risk of a fingertip gyro has drawn the world's attention more and more. It is reported that an 11-year-old boy in Australia was almost blind due to scratching his eyes with a fingertip gyro.

Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Cixi comprehensive technical service center on the market some of the fingertips Gyro was tested. The results show that there are three main finger tip gyro hidden dangers. First, the sharp edge, there is the danger of cutting; second, a small part of the gyro, easily off by children eating; third, excessive plasticizers, especially for children with low immunity, physical health impact.

In addition, the emerging magnet toys there is a big risk. If a child swallows two or more magnets, the body's suction can cause fatal intestinal damage. Therefore, for children who like to bite something into their mouths, toys that release magnets are more dangerous.

Toy safety logo must be look carefully

We can check the label on the package to see if the product contains small parts that are dangerous to children at three years of age. If the logo on a toy is below 36 months of age, small parts may not be present in the toy as required to prevent children from swallowing small parts that may cause suffocation.

All in all, toy safety is play important role in child life, as partent, must be choose carefully before buy. Ballstar toys are through United states and Europe test, so whatever juggling toys, plush toys and so on are worth buying.

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