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Balancing skills for jugglers

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When the balance is incorporated into the juggling, it will become more difficult. If you know how to play, and you know how to balance, then you may not be able to do that at the same time. Most likely you won’t be able to do it the first time you try. I haven’t put a lot of time into practicing balancing while juggling, mostly because its so difficult. It is something that intend to learn though… eventually.

It is you to balance this thing, or something to balance you?

When we talk about the balance of jugglers, we need to be clear. When juggling, you may see jugglers balancing a juggle club on their noses. This is the most common type of balance skill you see. There are many other features that can be achieved by means of balances like cycling, balance jugging ball, spin ball, carousel, cigar box, diabolo... and whatever you can think of to come true.

Learning how to balance on your noise

Let's start from the basics. Every juggler worth his salt can juggle clubs and pop one up onto the nose and hold it there. This trick requires some practice, but there is an easy way to learn.

Before you consider balancing a juggling club or any other juggling props, grab some long, thin things, not too much. Broomstick stick is perfect for practicing your balance skills. Just unscrew it from the broom on it. Even if you can’t unscrew it from the broom, you can still use it.

Before you go any further I’ll explain the reason why you want to learn with a broom stick instead of a juggling club. The reason is because the longer something is, the easier it is to balance. So balancing an egg on a tiny stick on your nose like the guy on the left is much harder than balancing a juggling club on your chin like the guy on the right.

Ok! Now grab the broomstick and put it on the tip of your finger and focus on the tip of the top. Don’t look at anything else but the very tip of the top. Now just practice that.

Once it is made, put it on your nose or chin. So all you need to do is focus on the top, not anything else. Once you've learned how to balance long objects like broom sticks, you can keep trying on a shorter object. Go ahead and try a juggling club if you have one. Try a spoon on you nose if you want to see how difficult shorter objects are.

Incorporate balance with juggling.

The best jugglers can balance while juggling. The key there is to be so good at juggling a cascade, that you don’t even focus on the balls. The only thing you should be focusing on is the balancing object.

That comes later….. much later. What you need to learn first is to juggle three clubs and then put one on you nose or chin… pause… and then drop it off back into your cascade pattern.

Once you understand the basics, there is no limit to how much creativity you can get. You can really challenge self-balancing skills into your juggling!

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