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Do you know the diabolo?

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Modern mini diabolo is a long-established Chinese descendant. The original is made of bamboo, a buzzing sound when uniform rotation. Today's diabolos are made of synthetic materials to make them more durable. The diabolo tactics used today by masters simply can not be done with the old Chinese yo-yo ball.

A trick that is not necessarily difficult but more interesting is to throw it into the air and capture it. Forget that trick with an old style Chinese yo-yo and it might be the last trick you do. Today’s version are well balanced and include features such as an axle bearing for longer spin time.

Below is a comparison of Chinese yo-yo balls and modern versions:


How to operate the diabolo?

The basic concept of this diabolo is to place it on a rope suspended from two handles and rotate it with a cane. There are many different ways to do this contrary to my original belief. The method is simple to vary the degree of difficulty, and the speed can be produced also varies. Generally the faster you can get it spinning, the more stable it is. This allows you to do more tricks. 

Once you have mastered the basics, you can do a lot of tricks. Because it does not attach to a string, the potential of a skill is endless. More advanced users put multiple strings on strings at once.

There are many colorful beginner types to choose from. Beginner versions are more inexpensive than those that feature axle bearings.

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