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How funny game is!

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Traditional bean bag toss bags is made of wood. The wooden toss board is heavy that not easy to carry, and unsafe. In the process of play, if the children are too excited, hit the wood, the consequences could be disastrous. On the contrary, if this beanbag toss board is made of canvas and plastic, it is quite different. Why?

First, the canvas is more environmentally friendly than wood. Second, canvas is easy to clean. Third, plastic pipe is safe. Fourth, easy to install and carry.

How to play it?

The first gameplay: Two children were holding two different colors of sandbags, five for each. Who in the shortest possible time put five sandbags into the hole, is the victory.

The second gameplay: The same as the one, two or three children were holding two or three different colors of sandbags, but when throwing sandbags can not touch the hole next to the place.

The third gameplay: Two children holding some letter sandbag, when one letter sandbag was throwth into the hole, the child must use the letter to make words or sentences.

sandbag game set  bean bag game set

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