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“Double eleven”,Public opinions are divergent

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“Double 11” has finally come to an end, as expected, this year's "double 11" a record volume of transactions. Alibaba data showed that the "double eleven" On that day, Lynx Mall total turnover of 168.2 billion yuan. Global Internet users to participate in the "double 11" covering 225 countries and regions. In addition, the data of Jingdong Mall shows that during the "Double-11" period, the total order amount of Jingdong Mall exceeded RMB127.1 billion. Faced with such a large amount of transactions, even foreign countries are lamenting the astonishing purchasing power of China. After the "Double-Eleven", left overwhelming advertising, public relations, questioning, Raiders, paragraphs ... ... and everyone on the "double eleven" have their own views.

Logistics executives Lu said: “with the development of the Internet and the improvement of people's purchasing power, various major shopping malls will launch various shopping festivals each year. Tmall "Double 11" set a new record this year with a turnover of 168.2 billion yuan. Various e-commerce platform launched a variety of discounts to attract consumers, "chop hands" to increase their sales, consumers can buy favorite products at a more affordable price, but for the e-commerce platform and logistics companies to That is both an opportunity and a challenge.

Merchants selling more goods at the same time can improve their visibility, attract more consumer attention. Logistics enterprises through the analysis of consumer demand and purchasing power and other market segments, while improving marketing strategy but also improve economic efficiency. In such a rapidly developing market environment, consumers' tastes and needs are constantly changing. In order to cater to the market demand, we must also pay close attention to changes in the market in real time, proactively look for competitors, and analyze in depth the advantages and marketing strategies of both parties. Only in this way can we adapt to the market better, lay a solid foundation for a more stable growth.

Every year, “Double 11” and other shopping festival have attracted much attention, how to innovate marketing means I am looking forward to next year. Every year, the Internet new-born enterprises are increasing and developing at a blow-by speed. Whether it is a seller, a manufacturer, a logistics or a consumer, “mutual benefit and win-win” are the most sensible choices.

E-commerce sellers: Xiaoyu

I like plants very much, so balconies are full of all kinds of green plants - big pots of trees and green radish, different shapes of succulent plants, the air pineapple that has just started to be popular, and I started 3 kinds. Since succulent plants are “petite,” cute, and easy to breed, they have been selling polygamy and seeds on Taobao, Salted Fish and other platforms since 2014. The most popular people more meat or raw stone flowers, and now also comes Lithops flowering, to purchase and counseling are also more numerous. In this year's “double eleven” period is playing a discount of nearly 20% discount, so the flow during this period is more than dozens of single week more. Because the growth characteristics of succulent plants and the flowering period are different, so each season's sales are slightly different, and most buyers order volume is very large, plus the “double eleven” during the discount, the basic per Week will increase more than a dozen single.

Through communication and coordination with buyers, my social skills have significantly improved and my understanding of succulents such as stone flower has also been enriched through exchanges with other plant enthusiasts. At the same time, I also learned that it is not easy for parents to earn money.

Group purchase site business development Wang Chao-ping

He said: “although we don’t have “Double 11” activities in our department, most of the merchants who work with the take-away department of our company are involved in “Double 11” such as preferential deductions and single-meal specials or eleven yuan for special products activity. On weekdays, merchants will also attract customers with various concessions, but the discount is still more gratifying on the "Double 11" day.

I usually choose to shop online because the internet is more comprehensive. It not only covers all aspects of basic necessities, idle transfer and on-site service, but also greatly saves time for the public. This year's "October 11" night spike I participated, although not grab the goods, but like clothes or snacks are now needed items, I always want to buy directly online orders. A pleasant surprise is this issue of "double eleven" most commodities is indeed a lot cheaper, I am concerned about the few shops have different levels of discounts based on the original.

Consumer Liu Sisi said: “Since the first day of November, I have been shopping for the items I want to buy in my shopping cart. Clothes, foodstuffs, cleaning products and beauty products are all my goals for this year's “Double 11”. In the spike activity on the 11th I also grabbed a few kinds of goods, the price is cheaper than usual to buy more than 80%, I feel both buy the goods I want, but also save a lot of money to do other things. My first online shopping or in my junior high school, some students began to wear some very beautiful clothes out, after asking know that you can buy goods through the Internet. I used the New Year saved money to buy a new dress, the next day my classmates are appreciating my vision, so I was very impressed.”

This year's shopping festival I have not failed, in particular, the mask of the discount I am very surprised, because I commonly used mask that the price in the store is a bit expensive, but I often frequented this online in the “Double 11” launch The discount is very large, so I also store a lot. There are some daily necessities such as brushes and clothes. There are also more than two thousand pieces in total, although the flowers are many things that I need everyday. There are so many stores that I'm not afraid to use it suddenly, so this year's “double Eleven” my harvest is still great.

Toys sales salesman at home and abroad 

On the day before the double eleven, we sent dozens of red envelopes. That night, the shop started recruiting berserk. Juggling ball, juggling plate, animal bean bag, hacky sack these toys sales is the best. For the company has brought great benefits.

juggling bean bag   juggle plate

animal sandbag toy  juggle footbag

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