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Diabolo shake up the world to see me

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On October 20, 14 people from Diabolo Community of Hangzhou People's Primary School came to Jinhua to participate in the “2017 China Jinhua International Diabolo Invitational Tournament and the Third Jinhua Municipal Government” hosted by IDF International Diabolo Alliance and Jinhua Diabolo Association Group Cup ‘primary and secondary school students diabolo game.'

Diabolo has a long history in our country, also known as “Douwen” and “pull bell”, is Han Chinese folk entertainment activities. Diabolo popular folk history in at least more than 600 years. In June 2006, diabolo was included in China's first batch of “National Intangible Cultural Heritage List.” The purpose of this competition activities is to fully Chinese diabolo movement and international standards, learn from the dialect of all countries cultural characteristics. Stimulate the possibility of combination of diabolo and multivariate art, promote fitness for all. The promotion of the development of diabolo movement, inheritance diabolo culture and skills, diabolo this sports art treasure to flourish. At the same time, this event will be held to promote our country to promote the visibility of international chana, active international exchange.

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Nearly 700 people participated in this diabolo competition. Contestants from Taiwan, Singapore and other different Diabolo associations brought dazzling diabolo demonstrations that drew applause from the crowd. In this activity to another climax, but also let everyone with full of emotions into the next session - individual competition. As a result of the sub-project competition system, children of different ages have found their own stage of the show, Everyone makes excuses to do a variety of difficult movements, dragons playing around, throwing the hook, the circumference of the acceleration, bouncing around ...... At this time, the honors and awards are not the most important at the moment, as the participants are shaking their hands with happiness.

In the group competition in the afternoon, all the members of the People's Primary School demonstrated their solid basic skills with full energy and beautiful movements. Performing tricks and breathtaking cool art show, won the high praise from the judges and the audience's applause.

The competition inspired children with greater enthusiasm for the traditional sport of Diabolo. Since the people's primary school put "Trembling Diablo" into the community curriculum, step by step, Dialectic elite teams and junior teams have been set up and participated in several performances. "Trembling Diablo" is one of the most popular sports activities during the after-hours of the people and children, encompassing entertaining, fitness, skill, flexibility and performance. Believe that with their solid basic skills and good team skills, in the future competition will be able to be quick and easy. People's Primary School will continue to promote the development of diabolo movement, Diabhai this sports art treasures inheritance.

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