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Who play kendama have to endure the loneliness

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Someone like to see Japanese cartoon for kendama this toy will not be unfamiliar. Nobita in "Doraemon" is a kendama lover, but he was clumsy, often hit by the ball in the head. The crayon is use kendama to chasing girls, “Miss, play!” Is his most common saying. Kendama originated in the 11th century in France, and later spread to Japan, renamed “sun mood ball”.

Talent story

kendama wooden toy player

Chinese kendama wooden toy first person to create their own “national jade”.

The first to introduce kendama into China is Wuyi, and 2010 “Happy Boys” third place with the same surname. He is also a minor celebrity D J, extreme sports referee. Wuyi started playing skateboarding at the age of 14, becoming the youngest international skateboarding referee in 2001. Wuyi practice kendama by accident, initially know kendama, but also because skateboarding. When learn skateboarding skill in the video, always see it inside. Some play skateboarding people often play it at the break,  see who play more tricks. Wuyi child was born at that moment, he could not play skateboarding that started practicing kendama. In less than two years, he has become the top sword of the domestic kendama; began to establish a site belonging to kendama players --- China kendama Union. At that time, Wuyi play kendama are produced in Japan, can not buy a professional kendama in China, only to take a friend removed from Japan to buy. Playing a long time, Wuyi began to design and produce their own sword kendama with Chinese characteristics, and named “national kendama.” National kendama wooden toy  and Japanese sword jade contrast, only in the color of glaze vary. But many players think that “national kendama” actually play more frequently, because not so smooth, when the ball is not easy to fall out.

Kendama action looks very simple, but in fact it need hands, brain and body balance, need eye surgery and requires great patience. When you want to achieve a super hard action, it may be 100 unsuccessful, 200 unsuccessful, 201 successful, my heart will have a strong sense of accomplishment. In the process of practice, but also need to constantly sum up experience to find the kind of balance of feeling.

kendama wooden toy

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