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The benefits of children playing basketball, but most parents don’t know.

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Do you know the benefits of playing basketball?

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1. Health, promote growth

According to the survey, more than 85% of the students in the country are in a sub-healthy state, including disease-prone, slow bone development, lack of physical fitness, listlessness, slow recovery, obesity and other adverse emaciated state. Basketball as a comprehensive ball game, full exercise to the children's body parts. Comprehensive and effective to improve the overall physical fitness, promote bone growth and development, long-term exercise has the effect of increasing height.

2. Enhance blood circulation function

In fact, playing basketball for the health of the body is very good, and playing basketball to make their own blood circulation system will become more powerful. Enhance our body's ability to contract heart muscle.

3. Training nervous system reactions

Playing basketball brain can be trained thinking and judgment, and with the speed of thinking reflex action after secondary body, is conducive to the child's brain development. nervous system: The nervous system is divided into the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord, while the peripheral nervous system includes the somatic and autonomic nervous systems.

4. Enhanced sense of unity

Basketball is a sport for five people. What we like most when we play basketball is cooperation. Therefore, beneficial to young children's collective consciousness and collaboration.

5. Vent their emotions

Any movement can vent the bad mood in the heart, especially basketball. As children like adults, in the growth will inevitably have negative emotions. At this time playing basketball then is a good way to vent. Not only that, but also know more friends.

6. The boy who play basketball is hardworking and persistent

Basketball is difficult and can not even shoot properly without going through enough training. Although children are very basic basketball skills in contact, through a scratch in the early stages, the process never to be. Therefore, this process is precisely to cultivate children's determination to face difficulties and provide a good foundation for future life and study.

7. Enhance mental health and improve social adaptability

Basketball can effectively alleviate the pressure of learning, and a good competitive environment can develop a healthy psychological resilience and affordability, adjust and maintain the child's mental health.

At the same time, basketball as an outstanding representative of collective sports events, while increasing exchanges and friendship, it is more effective in cultivating the spirit of collectivism and good sportsmanship in unity and cooperation, help children to understand and handle the relationship between individuals and collectives correctly, competition and cooperation from an early age.

8. Conducive to personality development and improving the humane quality

Through the practice of the process, can make the children's personality, self-confidence, emotional control, willpower, enterprising, self-control and constraints have good development. As well as cultivating good moral character and collectivism, such as unity and hard work, concerted efforts, civilized self-discipline, law-abiding behavior and respect for others.

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