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Have you tangled over what children birthday gift to send it?

Globe as a very good educational tool, have you ever had to send it to the children?

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Globe, The best gift for kids

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The educational meaning of the globe

All along, globes geography teaching aids are indispensable. We can use a variety of interesting ways through the globe, let children understand the concept of space and location. Let children know the vast land, the vastness of the sea, the four seasons of change. You can tell your child how human civilization can be nurtured across the river, make children know that the transportation network extending in all directions how connected to all corners of the country, and also can talk to your kids through the frontier lines for those soul-stirring historical stories.

The globe is a vivid and meaningful tool, through the globe we can put valuable knowledge into the child's mind.

The one scene: Staring at the map to see ten minutes

My son is just five years old this year, in a nursery near the district to school. Like most children, he enjoys kindergarten life, like kindergarten teachers, children and meals. In spite of this, getting up every morning when it is still more painful things.

He was always reluctant to get up very quickly, even if he get up but also in a daze. Whenever this time, I can not help but urge to do something. One morning, I found he was interested in the map on the wall after he got up. He looked in front of the map for more than ten minutes, saw the city where we live and saw different countries, saw the winding coastline and saw the blue ocean. In just ten minutes, he asked me about the different colors of the oceans, why there are sometimes national boundaries and sometimes not, why there are so many countries, and why each country's color is a different issue. I have patiently answered his questions.

Although just a short moment before kindergarten, I am profoundly aware that children are learning all the time. Learning is subtle, the child can learn what kind of knowledge largely depends on what kind of existence around.

The second scenes: Calculate the distance between China and the United States

How far is the distance between China and the United States? Perhaps most people know that China and the United States are back to back on Earth, respectively in two almost exactly the same longitude. However, did you measure eastward from the easternmost point of China and how far you need to reach the west coast of the United States? How far west from China's westernmost segment can pass through the east coast of West Asia and Europe to reach the United States? Have you ever measured If you travel from Heilongjiang in China toward the northeast to Alaska, the United States even less than 3000 km straight distance.

Without a globe these tasks are difficult to accomplish and hard to understand.

The third scenes: Why there are so many countries in the world

Why do so many countries in the world, why most of the national boundaries are winding, why many countries in Africa are square? First of all, without a globe or map, we do not even have the chance to make a child feel like this. Now we have a colorful globe, and then through the appropriate opportunities and ways, let children know the concept of nationality, culture, economy and war and make children understand the magic of nature, to organize the entire history of civilization. At this level, the globe is the key to opening the door to magic.

The globe can develop children's intelligence and allow children to learn more about the world. At present, we are selling the Earth PU foam stress ball toys is conducive to children's learning and release the pressure of learning.

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