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Do you know how suitable your child is to study now? Different age groups learn the movement is different. After reading this article, choose the right sport for your child.

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How old are these athletic traits starting to be?

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1. Swim

How old the most suitable to learn?

After 5 years old. This refers to the best age formal learn to swim official. Learn how to swim requires a certain understanding, self-control and problem solving skills. 5 years old, children can understand the coach's instructions to adapt to unfamiliar environment and course arrangements.

Prior to this:

Talent learning is always interested in the king. Give children the opportunity to get close to water, the sooner the better. Accompany children in the pool into “crazy play”, let him slowly feel the sense of balance in the water. Love the precious experience of water, help him happily into the future of real swimming class. If he doesn’t want to play out from the water, to cleverly guide, don’t snap scold him.

2. Skating

How old the most suitable to learn?

After 3 years old. Roller skating requires the child's body to have a fair balance and lower extremity coordination and control, also need to have agile limb response. So for limb control has not yet developed a sound young children, it may be dangerous. Children less than 3 years old best not to directly learn inline skating, they can try skateboarding or scooter.

Before this:

Kick shuttlecock, running and jumping rope, etc., can also play a similar role in lower limb exercises. Let the children have the opportunity to see the partner armed wearing roller shoes, valiant wind glide the way, in all likelihood he will be tempted idea to learn. At this time can take advantage of the child's interest, negotiate with him skating little plan.

3. Taekwondo

How old the most suitable to learn?

5 years old. In general, children 5 years old can begin taekwondo learning. It is important for children of some of the more abstract movement coach guidance, children can understand initially. There are also a number of related sports training institutions arranged for the initial stage of the learning content is relatively more difficult, enrollment age from the age of 8.

Before this:

Telling children in advance, Taekwondo requires children to learn to have a good state and spirit. For example, let the children shout loudly in training, but also make him more confident.

4.Table tennis

How old the most suitable to learn?

5 to 8 years old. In general, 5 to 8 years old the most ideal. 5-year-old children can basically understand the guidance of the teacher, attention focused on the relatively long time, to adapt to the needs of the curriculum. In addition, after the age of 5, the average child can shoot the ball when the elbow can be above the table, so in the learning process to avoid excessive wrong moves. As the ping pong ball belongs to unilateral exercise, preschool children should pay attention to exercise comprehensively to prevent unilateral development. In the process of practice, but also pay attention to the balance of body movements, coordination.

Before this:

If parents like to play table tennis, they can buy a racket and a ball for the child and play a game of table tennis with a beat when they can play the ball on the front. For example, playing games with children “let the ping-pong ball dance on the racket.” Mainly to let children know how to racket end flat, watch how long the table tennis can beat in the beat. Stimulate children's interest in table tennis at the same time can help children find some feeling: perceived bouncing habits of the ball, the direction of the ball bouncing and racket direction, the size of the force, the rhythm of the ball.

5.Martial arts

How old the most suitable to learn?

4 years old. At this time, children's ability to develop coordination and flexibility of the body developed rapidly, attention, memory, thinking ability, behavior control ability has significantly improved, this provides a good condition for learning martial arts. At this time you can begin to learn martial arts. However, children's learning and athletic ability, after all, is not strong, only suitable for learning some simple combinations of martial arts movements can’t be excessive.

Before this:

In the “jump enough to get”, “a little progress every day,” the principle of easy to do some games with children. Exercising the child's flexibility is an important benefit of martial arts. Parents can play games with their children at home. For example, games such as “touching the ground with hands,” “kneading the chest with your knees (paying attention to the waist and chest)” and so on.

6. Short tennis

How old the most suitable to learn?

6 years old. Although short tennis is based on children's physiological characteristics of the development project, because of short tennis belongs to one-sided sports, we should pay attention to comprehensive exercise, to prevent unilateral development, in the practice process, but also pay attention to balance and coordination.

Before this:

Accompany children in the game “to find feeling”. Parents at home can find safe and suitable venue to accompany the children practice the ball, the ball. On the primary class children, not yet able to grasp the movement batting, so we can not require children to practice playing. But you can aim at “desserts” to feed the ball to the children is to let the children find the feeling of hitting, find “dessert.”

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