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What is the first step in becoming smart baby?

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Baby catch training is the first step in getting smarter.

The skill of the hand is very important for the development of baby's intelligence. Especially as the basic skills of the hand - the gripping ability, it is one of the indicators of brain development in infancy, so grabbing training is the first step in becoming a baby smarter.

Training time: 3 months to begin training, 9 months is the key point

Although the grasping ability is an important milestone of baby's growth and development, mothers should not be too anxious, requirements baby must be strictly to grasp the skills of the development schedule to measure. After all, different for each baby's developmental status so long as the time to master the skills will not be too lower than normal level of development can be. Just from 3 months, began to focus on learning to grasp and gradually progress.

But if your baby is eight months old, it looks as if he's still not interested in any of the toys you put in front of him, to 9 months, still don’t try to touch or catch toys, please consult the doctor. Premature babies may be later than their peers to learn these skills, the doctor will give you a reasonable time frame.

Three abilities of grasping and grasping training

Exercise grip strength

When the baby starts to grasp the action, it will only be grasped with the whole palm. At this moment, the baby can hold the object with both hands, or the object can be sandwiched between the finger and the palm of the hand, but the flexible control ability is not strong. So learning how to use force to hold things is the first step in training.

The way of sit-ups: Let the baby lying on a soft cotton pad, mother's index finger into the baby's palm, let the baby firmly grasp; grasp the baby's wrist slowly from the supine to sit, and then gently down.

Training five finger division of labor

With the progress of the baby, hand movements have developed to the finger tip of the thumb and index finger. Therefore, the division of labor training fingers will make your baby's hands more flexible. At this time, parents can help your baby to learn the thumb and the other four fingers opposite gripping action.

Pinch the plasticine method: the best is the use of soft plasticine moderate color soft, can better arouse the interest of the baby. Mom can give the baby a demonstration first with the thumb and index finger on the pinching process, but must be careful to avoid the baby stuffed plasticine into his mouth.

Learning finger pinching

When the baby can use four fingers to get a table of pills such as vitamin pills, you can train his finger on the pinch ability. If the baby is always with the thumb and the other hand with a few things instead of using the index finger and thumb with the pinch, you can hand the baby's middle finger, ring finger and little finger grip in your hand, so that your baby can only learn to use Thumb, index finger on the pinch.

Grasp the ball method: This training method can comprehensively train your baby fingers or even both hands grip ability. When training, Mom can let the baby tummy, and then a colorful ball from the baby's hand can be slowly rolled over to guide the baby to catch the ball with his hand.

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