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Does your child know how to share it? Do you know how to let children learn to share?

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How to let children learn to share toys

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Lively play is always something the children yearn for, but when parents gather their children together, they are happy to have a party for the children, the little guys are always crying because they snatch the toys. How to let children learn to share is a problem that every parent will encounter.

1. Set an example

If you are a generous and enthusiastic parent, the child will naturally be a happy person to share. On the other hand, if you are a preoccupied parent, the likelihood of a child's ambiguity will naturally increase. The child is doing the same, therefore, the impact of parents' actions on children is great. Therefore, parents should set a good example for their children.

Imitation of people’s behaviors around them is the main mode of learning for children. Parents are the ones most exposed to children and naturally become the first object of imitation. Adults set a good example for their children is the most effective method of education. For example, when some children still cannot listen to each other's requests, they cannot play toys for their peers. Adults and children should be with equal status, a common method to help children further discuss the game, such as: “Let's play together”, “You play first, give us play later,” etc. So that children from simple imitation, and gradually become a part of his successful exchanges of experience. At the same time, children's negative behavior will naturally be improved accordingly.

How do children snatch toys?

And once the children are really reluctant to lend precious toys, parents should also respect their wishes. Don't scold children or teach children to hide toys. Instead, they should use a negotiatory tone to communicate with the children and guide them to lend their toys to others.

2. What is a loan? What is it?

The concept of “borrowing” and “taking” is not clear for children. When someone else wants to borrow a toy from him, he will feel that others are taking away his toy, so intense protest will occur. If this situation is not very serious, it is recommended parents do not intervene, let the baby get a balance from the dispute itself. After accumulating experience, you will naturally know how to get along with others in the future, and it is easier to learn how to solve things yourself. When a conflict occurs, you can hold the baby away from the scene, or take away the toys you are fighting for, and ease the atmosphere. But don't say to your baby, “How can you be so stingy, don't play with others?” Instead, you should foster positive ideas of “borrowing” and “returning” in a positive way.

3. Respect the wishes of children

Some parents will love their children's beloved dolls because other children like their children. Due to the face, the toy was given to other partners without the consent of the child. Cause the child's emotional and insecure sense of their own things. Therefore, parents must make arrangements in advance for the children's toy arrangement with the child's consent.

4. Story effect

The hero of the story is also an object that children imitate and pursue. If the seven dwarves can share the cabin in the forest with Snow White, the children can also share their beloved toys with their little friends and reap more joy. We can tell children some truths through stories, fables, etc., inspire children’s compassion and love, and give children more opportunities to share and share. Let children have fun in sharing and know how to share things with joy and necessity.

Listening to stories is one of the interests of most children. But for younger babies, their cognitive level is low, their understanding is not enough, and sometimes the understanding of the story may not be fully understood. At this time, the concepts of sharing, borrowing, and returning should be described in direct language, and the specific methods for solving practical problems should be repeatedly described in the story.

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