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Working mums must be the most hardworking people in the world.

Being a working mum means you have to work tirelessly in office and take care of your children at home, something only a superwoman can do.

It is increasingly more difficult to raise kids. You need to take them to training courses, and something help them finish the assignments.

You husband never helps.(Romance only exists before marriage); and married men are lazier than an unmarried woman realizes.

Frankly speaking, there is little difference between a husband and a son.

Some say working mums still have happy hours - They enjoy shopping every year on commercial festivals. But most of the bought items are for their children, the mums only enjoyed the process of buying. If you ask me who is buying toys for the family, I will answer you is your mother. As a mother, every year the children's toys in shopping carts are essential. I know stuffed ball, toy cars, dolls and other toys filled with moms shopping cart.

Besides the difficulty of striking a balance between their families and jobs, working mums suffer from discrimination, which is why many don’t want to give birth at all.

The hopes of women life in themselves. When more working mums get top jobs, and beat their competitors, their glory will come.


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