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Have you ever played boxing? Boxing has always been a very popular sport, But as the beginner, do you know how to begin this sport?

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Beginner how to learn boxing?

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Boxing is a very popular sport, whether it is office workers or students like this sport. However, you know why you need to learn boxing and how to learn boxing?

Why boxing?

Boxing is a great sport in many parts of the world have a rich history. Whether you want to learn a new sport, learn fitness boxing skills, or start the path to competitive boxing. Boxing is anyone who can learn. Boxing is inspiring, it motivates and has a natural tendency to generate the story of a loser. That's why Hollywood has produced so many classic boxing movies.

Boxing participation is on the rise. Boxing has been on the rise since 2006. Boxing's fitness and boxing have grown from 2 million participants to over 6 million by 2015. In its most basic form, boxing is a cheap sport; you can shadow box for free, spar with a friend, or give the heavy bag a beating in the comfort of your own garage. I'm just guessing, but perhaps 2007-- difficult economic pressure in 2011 led to the rediscovery of the simple and interests of the sport psychology.

The benefits of boxing

Ultimate Fitness Exercises - Research shows that boxing training is the highest calorie burning activity you can do. Most people only need 30 minutes for regular sparring with a partner or carrying a heavy bag, you can burn up to 400 calories.

High strength, low impact - Boxing for fitness training into the HIIT (high intensity interval training) principle, can manufacture a full body workout, burn fat, improve your cardiovascular conditioning while being much easier on joints than running.

Build strength and endurance - Boxing Teach you a wonderful boxing skills, this naturally established upper body strength and endurance, no pressure to lift weight. Skipping and step routines are also true of your lower body.

Improve your psychological focus - The weird thing is, boxing can enhance your mental focus by forcing you to think only about your form and skill. Working out through boxing is a great way to get rid of confusion.

Build confidence - More instructive than learning how to punch something. You may be starting from a novice, but after weeks and months of boxing classes, you start to walk around knowing you have a particular set of skills in your back pocket.

Huge pressure to ease - When you put a lot of physical exertion, your body releases a series of marvelous endorphins in a way that eliminates the stress of the world. Endorphins can be addictive in some way, and it's a completely natural way to feel better mentally and physically.

Teach basic self-defense - Boxing is not a true self-defense training, but it does teach some basic principles that can save lives if you have some donkeys on the street. Remember, thugs don’t follow the rules of the street, so I strongly recommend this article to get more self-defense information.

Very suitable for young people - Under the correct trainers, boxing is an excellent tool for developing critical self-confidence and a positive self-image for young people. This is not about fighting, it's about doing something physically hard. For years, our culture has encouraged sedentary activities such as video games and electroplating on smartphones. Young people need physical activity to maintain a healthy and healthy level, which boxing is good at.

Basic boxing equipment

Before you start throwing the first punch, you need to have the right equipment ready. This unnecessarily mean that you need to go out and buy the best things on the market, but you should look for quality gear that lasts for a long time. It can be a bit expensive, but remember, your gear is an investment in your new interest. For many people, spending money like this will make them more assertive. Although there is not a complete list of everything an aspiring warrior needs, these are the key equipment that will get you on the right path.

Gloves - Gloves are used to protect the knuckles and hands under the fingers. They are usually made of cloth and take some exercises to learn how to wrap properly.

Boxing gloves - Every boxer needs their own gloves. For sparring, competitions, women's exclusive, and youth-specific. You should invest in a pair that is at the weight limit that is appropriate for what type of fighting and training you plan on doing, whether traditional boxing or MMA.

Boxing shoes - Boxing shoes are usually tall and have the grip of a canvas ring. They are designed to keep your ankles and feet steady while moving. They are not suitable for running or other cardio functions.

Hat - Amateur fighters must wear headdresses, therefore, it is a good idea to move on and find some suitable helmet gear to fight.

Speed Ball - Speed ball is a small ball installed on the platform, you can quickly punching. A speed ball helps you work on hand speed, hand-eye coordination, foot work and endurance. It can also help you build some strength in your shoulder muscles. Check out these awesome speed bag workouts.

These are my thoughts on boxing beginners, boxing is good for your body and mind.


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