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Toys are also shared?

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Toys are also shared? I just want to share Doraemon with Nobita!

“The toys in my house are all packed up, but he still needs to buy the car he likes.”This is a heart disease for many parents.

One parent said that the annual purchase of toys for his son is nearly $2000, toy consumption is high-frequency and cumbersome. Buying a toy is a headache, “good toys are expensive”, good toys are more and more intelligent, at least thousands of dollars.

The high price of toys is related to the high gross profit rate of the toy sales industry. The sales model usually goes through a multi-level agent to the offline terminal, each level of agency generally increases the price by 40-50%. For example, the ex-factory price of a toy is $160, and the price of a terminal that reaches the line may be $480.

On the other hand, children's curiosity determines the high rate of idleness of toys. Children's toys freshness time only a week, 95% of toys will be reduced to the bottom of the box after a week. However, parents spend a lot of time to pick, parity, pay and reward is not proportional. Therefore, many people believe that this special category of toys is more suitable for rent rather than buying.

In recent years, with the development of “shared thinking”, share-based leasing has also emerged in the toy industry.

Toy Sharing Website Pley

As early as May 2013, the toy sharing site Pley has appeared in the United States. Play's operating mechanism is somewhat similar to Netflix, which only provides LEGO toy blocks. The user can select a set or sets of toys “Pley List” online, and then mailed to the Pley their hands. After the children got tired of these toys (usually about two weeks), the parents sent toys back to Pley. Then choose a new toy, so it goes around.

Today, Pley stores a total of 50,000 toys for users to choose from at the San Jose warehouse. Pley charges $15, $25, $39 (monthly), depending on which toys parents rent. These rents are far lower than the purchase cost of Lego bricks. It should be noted that the price of Lego toys ranges from approximately $40 to $400. If the user rents for several months, the rent can also be discounted.

What if the toy is damaged after it is rented out? To solve this problem, Pley has specially developed a high-tech weighing system. It can determine the weight difference of one percent, and thus determine whether a certain set of building block toys is missing. However, if you lose a few blocks, Pley's regulations claim that the loss of 10-15 blocks is a normal loss and therefore will not be deducted.

Domestic toy sharing platform starts to emerge

In China, besides the offline toy rental stores, cable toy companies have also emerged in recent years. Such as pocket toys, toy superman, super toys, play a lot, etc., in which many platforms get financing.

For example, when playing at home, the user can register as a member by playing the home WeChat service number, and select 199 yuan for the monthly subscription or 1999 for the annual subscription to experience the toys on the platform in an unlimited frequency.

Play home logistics consists of platform self-construction and third-party cooperation, users only need to pay the express fee outside the membership fee. Disinfection of toys is performed by a third party, Jiujieling, using steam, alcohol scrubbing, and UV disinfection.

In the selection of products, playing home to purchase toys from LEGO, Fisher, Hape and other top international brands to enhance the experience. 500 seed users participated in the selection of products, feedback, fragile and vulnerable, easy to cause harm, plush toys and time-sensitive toys are not in the optional range. According to reports, there are currently more than 1,000 independent SKUs on the platform, of which LEGO toys account for about 50% of the total.

The Little Radish Kingdom is a LEGO toy rental platform. Users can place orders through online orders. There are annual, monthly and pay-per-view fees for the lease fee. The annual card is 2,400 yuan and the monthly card is 349 yuan. If the user chooses to pay by the time, it is charged at 10% of the toy cost.

Seemingly a vast market, why not play?

However, this vast market with seemingly unlimited business opportunities does not seem to have a significant effect from the current point of view.

Toy rental brings convenience and benefits to users, but it also causes many parents' concerns. The health condition of toys is what parents are most worried about, “There is no uniform testing standard for toy disinfection. Who knows if the disinfection of the business is in place?” At the same time, how to define the damage of toys has become one of the issues that users are most concerned about.

In addition, toy rentals will inevitably require delivery. Although current logistics costs have been reduced to very low prices, consumers are very sensitive to prices for items such as toys that are not expensive. According to Ms. Zhu, parents, renting a toy, “In terms of price, at least we must buy a monthly card to be more cost-effective.” For low-income families, the monthly rental fee for toys for three or four hundred yuan is not cheap. For high-income families, most of them do not want to use the loan, preferring to buy new toys.

An industry source said: “Cost, efficiency and market acceptance are the reasons why the toy rental market is tepid.” Toy lease itself belongs to a heavy-asset, heavy-duty project that includes front-end sales, back-office services, and vehicle delivery. At present, the shared toy industry is still in a period of growth, and the number of users is still a long way from maturity. For a team, one must have large capital injections, and the second must have strong operational capabilities, such as distribution, cleaning, finding out about consumer psychology, purchasing toys, etc., all require entrepreneurial teams to explore for a long time.

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