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“Dragon Boat Race” is an existing custom in the Warring States Period. During the Warring States Period, people sculpted dragon-shaped canoes in drums and played in a ferry game to entertain the gods and musicians. At this time, the dragon boat race was a semi-religious and semi-recreative program of rituals. In the two lakes, there is a close relationship between offering Quyuan and dragon boat racing. After Qu Yuan and Cao Yu and Wu Zixu passed away, the local people used to send their souls to the funeral boat. So this is the custom. However, in addition to commemorating Qu Yuan, dragon boat races have also given people different meanings.

Before the dragon boat races, it is necessary to invite the dragon and worship the god. Such as a Guangdong, China dragon boat, it is necessary to get out of the water before the Dragon Boat Festival. After worshipping Nanhai God in the South China Sea temple, put on the dragon head and dragon tail and prepare for the race. And buy a pair of paper cockerel on the dragon boat, that can bless the boat safely. Fujian, Taiwan is go to temples to worship. Some directly commemorate the dragon head at the river, kill chicken blood on the leading, such as Sichuan, Guizhou and other areas.

Will hold various ritual before the dragon boat races to commemorate the ceremony, usually point incense, burning paper money for chicken, rice, meat, fruit supply, dumplings and so on. Now these rituals with superstitious colors are rare. But in the past, people were very serious when they worshipped the Dragon Temple. Pray for more agricultural harvest, better weather, more evil, more disaster, better things, and safe boating. In people’s words, “Auspicious” expresses people’s good intentions.

Dragon Boat is a technology activity. Here I talk about dragon boat paddling skills.

The basic paddling techniques action:

1. Body posture, including: lower limbs, trunk, upper limbs.

2. Paddle motion trajectory and action points, including: back paddle and before entering the water, into the water, pull paddles, water out.

Special fitness and technical stereotypes


1. Main arm muscle strength: Including biceps, triceps, deltoid and shoulder muscles.

2. Main trunk muscle strength: Including erector spinae, latissimus dorsi, pectoralis major, rectus abdominis, internal and external oblique muscles, etc.

3. Main leg muscle strength: quadriceps, biceps femoris, etc.

Special exercises:

(1) After paddle boarding and stability, both feet step and pedal, adjust the distance between the front and rear of the pedal so that the thigh and calf form a certain angle at the knee joint, appropriate to facilitate kick force. The trunk is in an upright position, and the spine maintains natural physiological curvature and is straight ahead. The arms are hanging naturally, hands are holding the paddles and put their bits on top of the thighs.

(2) 1. Return paddle to water:

Get started more than head, arms up, wrists stay neutral. The upper arm and forearm are about 90 degrees at the elbow, elbow and shoulder height. Start as far as possible but not beyond the vertical plane of the hull longitudinal axis. Drive the arm and straighten the ipsilateral torso forward to fully stretch the paddling related muscles. The maximum elastic potential energy is stored for pulling the paddle. The paddle is facing the water surface and is inserted into the water along the edge of the boat.

2.Pull paddle:

After the blade into the water, kick turn hips after ipsilateral trunk rotation drive, the arm of the shoulder strap forces back and pulls the paddle backwards. At the same time with the same side of the trunk with the trunk forward front shoulder arm forward but the hand doesn’t exceed the vertical axis of the hull.

3.Out of water:

When the hand pulls the paddle until the paddle is parallel to the hips, lift the paddle outward to raise the water out of the paddle, lift the big arm to raise the arm to the starting position, and make the next cycle into the water.

(3) Collective cooperation

Dragon Boat Sports pays attention to perfect coordination, fast-paced technology, synchronous and reasonable arrangement of paddles. It is required to hold the paddles in a consistent manner, with the same water inlet angle, the same water depth, and uniform force. And be absolutely obedient to command, listen to whistles or drums. The actual pitch adjustment frequency control of breathing. The oarsman needs to be familiar with the physical condition of all the crew members, adjust tempo, control the sail. On the way, paddle pitch when sprinting, rational distribution of physical strength. Stern helmsman requires a good sense of water, can make accurate judgments on the direction of the vessel (advanced volume), skilled operation, and good psychological quality.

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