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Your World Cup life hides your temperament

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Right now, it is the time of the World Cup. Whether it is true fans or pseudo-fans, it will become extremely exciting at this time. Drinking and watching the ball is a "must-call" for many people.

When watching the ball, drinking a little wine is of course very enjoyable. However, if you drink too much, you will have problems. Therefore, during the World Cup, it is also a frequent occurrence of drunk driving accidents. It is reported that since the World Cup was unveiled, Changsha traffic police has seized dozens of drunk driving.

Drinking without driving and driving without drinking is something we often talk about. However, for so few days, there have been so many drunk driving, it is still embarrassing.

Over the years, relevant departments have spared no effort to publicize the dangers of drunk driving, and have also introduced various regulations and policies to combat drunk driving. It is obviously unlikely that these drunks who violated regulations or even violated the law do not know this. Why would they take the risk? The basic reason for guessing is nothing more than the following: watching the ball is happy, so I drank a few more glasses. When several friends got together and couldn't be disappointed, they drank a few more drinks. As for how many drinks in the end, then I really don't know.

Whether it's watching the game or drinking with friends, it's not necessarily inevitable with drunk driving. Not to say that, because there are provisions prohibiting drunk driving, you can not drink alcohol at the time of the ball, with friends drink a few glasses of, it is said that after drinking, it can be done without driving. Common sense is necessary to reiterate, drinking add to the fun is their own business, drinking and driving are not only about personal safety, but also about the safety of others.

The reason why there are a lot of people drinking and driving behavior, a big reason is to take chances. Always think that their own technology is good and there will be no problems. They always think that they will not run into traffic police. Take their own lives and those of others come to luck, which in itself is not responsible for, take legal norms “play” luck, which is not responsible for the same. If a person can't be self-disciplined about “drinking without driving, driving without drinking,” I think this person is a self-discipline person in his life or even work.

These two days, also because of the World Cup, there is also the so-called “husband and wife agreement.” In the agreement, the majority of players are out-of-control players. The contents of the agreement look really interesting, it can also be seen as a small taste between young couples. However, it does indicate that some fans’ out-of-control behavior has had an impact on the lives of their families and even their neighbors. Happy for their own interests, without taking into account the negative impact of their actions bring to others. Such behavior toward small to say, is a kind of selfish, to the big, and probably stems from the lack of basic self-discipline.

Self-discipline, in a sense, is a person’s temperament. Your everyday life in the World Cup is hiding your temperament. The football World Cup is still going on. Being a qualified football fan is about technology. It may be better to start drinking without driving and noisling family members.

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