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Cherish the World Cup and retain the memory of youth

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When we saw the camera 360° around the face of desperate, desolate standing in the center of the stadium Messi circle, I could not help but feel sad for him. Want to sing to him, “Argentina, don't cry for me,” who sings to Mrs. Belon. But I think he will never accept this pity and regret. He is a warrior, he would rather stand and die than live. So he led the team playing attacking football, and with the French team staged a scoring battle, served a meal gluttonous visual feast for the fans around the world. However, when Mbappei took out the entire Argentine defense system with speed, Messi broke through the restricted area before breaking out and finally sent a soft ball to the door, we also have to admit that Argentina No. 10 is no longer the lush teenager.

Farewell night, as well as 33-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese did their best and failed to save the tide. At the crucial moment, Cavani played the killer, eliminated the Portuguese team with Ronaldo and helped Uruguay advance to the quarterfinals. Flowers can bloom, people no longer teenagers. When two great players, who have won almost everything they can win, cannot win a Titan for their own country, we can only thank the memories of youth that they have left us. The World Cup should not be too sad to say, but in this sad night of farewell, in Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who ruled the world football for ten years, we have to say that the parting bells have already sounded. After four years, the scene of their side by side has been negligible. In such a picture, perhaps we will also see ourselves in the mirror of the superstar shining, this decade has been lost youth. This is the charm of the World Cup. We are eager to have this mirror once every four years. See the plot from it, enjoy friendship, feeling sad, pass passion. The Viking Warsong's first game pacified the Pampas eagle. This full-fledged draw made the popular Argentina start out in a crisis, also let Iceland became a national topic. England slaughtered Panama 6:1. Five goals in the current Khalil Cup. We found New King Arthur in England that Beckham had no plot after. Koryo Jun 2:0 force Germany, Japan as the first brother of Asia, the first line, this story let us drop glasses, wear glasses, the play is more exciting.

In the evening of the match on the evening of the 30th, in the face of the injured Cavani, Cristiano Ronaldo helped him leave the screen and I did not know how many fans were moved, also let us enjoy the priceless friendship outside the showdown. There is no lack of friendship in the World Cup, whether it is the sigh of the head coach, or the strong handshake between the players and the hugs of mutual farewell. Whether it is the teammates who come to kiss your tears on the cheeks or the encouragement of the fans raising their hands, this is the infinite charm that the world’s number one sport has brought us. Know how to praise, accept criticism, and be brave enough to face it. Hand in hand, the meaning of friendship is bred in every game of the World Cup, let us hang around.

On the evening of the 30th in Argentina and Portugal, the tragic eagles and navigators brought endless sadness to the fans. But more passed our infinite passion - watching life from the cup: life needs passion, just like seedlings need dew. “I am confident that two hundred years of life will hit three thousand miles.” When you see the player facing the defender and the goalkeeper in front of Yokohama, and choose to slap the anger, this is a passion full of confidence. Such as the graceful ice on the surface of the idling of the pattern rotation, such as winter swimming in the ice water struggling forward passion, so that visitors on the shore admiration. This is a tribute to life. The reason why life is beautiful is because it has an unpredictable ending; the reason why life is delicious is because it is full of passion in its life. Everyone should cherish the World Cup, catch the good life, and perform it perfectly.

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