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Tips for the beginner who play foot bag

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The best way to get better results in a foot bag is not secret: play and have fun. Foot bag is about correct motion control of your body and predicting the location after a foot bag attack. This is just an exercise, but I have listed some tips and I know they will save me a lot of time.


Dynamic stretching is an extension that involves limiting the activity of “cold” muscles. If you are about to start playing or practicing, more than the dynamic warm-up extension you want to do, such as chronic lunge, jumping jack, weight squat, etc.


Static extensions may be what you are used to. They include stretching the muscles to super stretch and keeping them between 20-30 seconds. This can be a bit dangerous for stretching before the event. It is similar to a sudden stretch of rubber band, which is easier to tear. When the muscles are "warm", these stretches are best done at the end of the workout.

Balance and flexibility

It may be difficult to maintain balance at the beginning. Perhaps the only factor that prevents you from getting more clicks is that it falls. Some people pass and learn to balance on one leg. Although this can work, it can lead to physical imbalances and bias towards one side. This isn’t ideal! The best way to play is for both sides to play the same! Better yet, when starting out, always serve to your non-dominant side.

Often, the skills you get from non-predominant parties can easily be transferred to your strengths, but this is not the truth. However, the number one tip to keep balance is to tap your foot after each hit. This helps to adjust the body and prevent too much tilt. This helps to adjust the body and prevent too much tilt. You may feel that you don't have enough time to control your feet, but believe me, you do. If you don't, then hit the ball higher and faster!

Flexibility through competition, but you can greatly increase your profits by extending the number of minutes each day. You may also want to focus on any weaknesses. Before starting the game, the best way to warm up is to dynamically extend. After practice, the best way to cool warm muscles is to complete the static stretch.


You should follow normal stretching procedures to maintain and increase flexibility. But I found that there are some extensions that are especially suitable for foot bag movement. When I first started the game, I couldn't make an outside hit and had to get my legs accustomed to my knees. One thing I did was to stand on one side of the stairs so I could lift my legs to a step that would make my calf parallel to the ground. I will stick to 20-30 seconds. Very important: don't put too much weight on the raised legs. Your joints don't mean supporting you in this way. For the tendon of the knee, this should be a gentle stretch and should not be painful.

For your instep blows, perform a butterfly stretch。 Sit on the ground and bring the bottom of your feet together so that they're touching and in front of your groin. The hands on the ankle or toe, elbow carefully leg press, in order to obtain good stretch thigh. The goal is to let your heels close to your body, but your knees touch the ground。 Another good way to increase the flexibility of your instep is to sit cross-legged during part of the day.

For toe hits and knee hits, touch your toes! Make sure to touch your toes while sitting on the floor, while standing can compress the discs of your lower back because of the weight and movement of the center of gravity.

The best way to split, at least the side split, is by performing an increasingly wide range of horse poses. The horse's posture is just sitting in the depths。 Because you can stick to it for a longer period of time and keep increasing the number of steps between your feet. Ultimately, you should be able to perform side splits without stretching.

Personal training

You can do some exercises to make sure you have a solid foundation.

1. Hit-Stop drill bit:Practice any of the four clicks。 For example, let's use a knee hit. Put the hacker in your hand on the chest and release the hacker to the expected knee. Try to get the hacker back in your hands. Just click, grab it, steady yourself and try again, Do this on the same leg. Once you reach a certain number of hits, ten is a good start, switch to your other leg. Then repeat with different types of hits until you complete all four basic hits. This is also a good warm-up.

2. Metronome drill: Now that you have completed the basic and can hit the ball with almost vertical parabola, you can focus on expanding your range to make it more flexible and more sensitive to passing and playing. This is called the Metronome Drill because the hack will be bouncing from leg to the other like a metronome. Start off with one of the four hits, let's out step. Self-serve and hit from one out step hit to the other. This particular move is called a “rainbow.” The higher you hit, the harder it is to control.

3. 1-2-3 drill: Now you can start doing choreographed tricks if you'd like. The 1-2-3 Drill can be any number, it's just a planned string of movements. It's up to you! Whatever tricks you do like, strive to do it ten times! Keep up the practice!

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