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What make children smart and extraordinary

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Ten classic toys make children smart and extraordinary

Genetic factors, physiological factors and social environmental factors, are an important factor affecting the growth of children, which family factors is particularly important. In family education, people often overlook the role of children with their childhood support. If every parent can carefully selected the ideal toy for their children and early intellectual development of children, will achieve good results.



3 months of the baby will be able to hold the "ring" to play. They begin to try the effects of touch, feel, vision or taste. Use hand to feel, understand how your hand feels. Look at the various colors of the toy with their eyes, taste the taste of toys by their mouth. Sound when shaken "ring" but also train the baby's hearing. The simplest kind of baby toys is the first step in the development of intelligence.



6 months of age are interested in all of the active. The ball that can roll is the most attractive to them, push the ball with one hand and roll it forward. Baby will crawl to chase the ball. It would be better if mom could play with them.


3.未标题-1 (1)

8 months of the baby has a lot of discovery, they have known toys, furniture and other appliances. They learned that some objects are soft, some are stiff, some angular, and some are round. Facing the building blocks, the baby will begin to use two hands, so that two blocks hit the sound and also can be stacked with a number of different shapes.


4.未标题-2 (1)

This is the toy used to train children to observe the shape of the item. Through this toy, the child can recognize a shape of the opening only allows the same shape of the items through. Understand the various shapes of daily necessities. This toy is suitable for 18 months babies.


5.未标题-1 (2)

All the children are playing with sand and water. 18 months after the children have been able to know what can not casually stuffed into the mouth. At this time you can provide a variety of gadgets, such as small shovels, small rakes and kegs let them play sand. Let the children pile up the sand pile into various shapes, give full play to their creativity.


6.pink pig

Children two years old personality has started to show up. At this time they have been able to express their love and disgust. If have doll toy, especially the girls they like a mother treat their own treaties as a baby.


7.未标题-2 (2)

For the two years old toddler, cup stacking toys are most constantly changing game. Can be stacked into a tower, but also shrink into a single cup. You can small building blocks or other small things hidden in the stack of cups for children to find. Through this kind of game, the children can know some things though invisible to the eye, but it is real.


8.未标题-1 (3)

Two-year-old children have through the eyes, mouth, can know a lot of items. If they can find in the picture book to know their own items, how much fun are they. Of course, parents can also teach children through picture books to know more things.


9.stuffed toy car

At the end of two years old, children have been able to basically control their own parts of the body. They can drive a "car", if the "car" can also carry some of their own small toys, they can act as a transport driver, it is really fun.



Children can move around the "animals" will make them fascinated. They will slowly understand the original rope there is such a force. This toy more enlightening than the electric toy car.


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