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The 8 toys tricks play to stimulate the baby's language potential

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Katie Yeh is a Dyslexia therapist in California, USA, she has three children, help many babies who language development late. During her 9 years of clinical practice, Katie found that many mothers are confused about what kind of toys to buy to promote their baby's language development and how to play classic toys. For preschool children, toys are the best learning partner. Below is a list of toys Katie listed with these toys can stimulate the desire of baby talk, help your baby develop the ability to speak.

1. Stacking cups

stacking cups

One of the toys I like best for babies is the toys that can be stacked or nested. While constantly have new toys appear, but ultimately still stacking cups.

The baby reap these abilities while playing a stacking cup:

Slowly establish the concept of “in”, “outer”, “on”, and “under”;

Recognize different colors; Learn simple numbers; Fine action;

Learn to distinguish objects from "big", "small", "largest" and "the smallest";

They may start with the installation of cups, water, plasticine and other objects, empty and full concepts will development;

What to do when the small cups are not locked in each other? Ability to solve problems in thinking and trying to cultivate.

Develop other abilities in interaction:

Hide the little cup under the big cup to let the baby find a look;

The letters, numbers, pictures attached to the cup, the baby to complete the task in accordance with the instructions, such as: the piggy cup on the flower cup.

2. Building block

building block

Each baby should have a set of blocks, whether it is the basic color blocks or figures printed on it, the letters of the building blocks are good.

Baby playing blocks will have these improvements:

The concepts of space before, after, left, right, upper, next, beside, and middle will continue to deepen in building blocks;

Recognize colors, shapes, letters or numbers printed on the blocks and the like;

Learn to distinguish the different sizes;

Learn to count; Fine action;

The ability to solve problems, such as start thinking how to make the building blocks do not fall;

Hand-eye coordination capacity;

Make friends with the building blocks, take out to make themselves satisfied with the works, they always like to show it to others.

3. Ball, ball and more ball

baby soccer ball

My home sweetie super love ball, he can sit in the middle of a pile of balls for 45 minutes, my daughter was like him. Balls can develop a lot of baby talent, listed here with some language and cognitive development related.

Ball can bring the change:

“Before” “after” “left” “right” “on” “under” and other space concept can development;

Understanding color and size;

Feel different materials; Improve chase ability; Fine motor;

Solve the problem: which ball can put my little box?

Social skills: the ball spread to others, and then back again. This may not seem to adults, but for the baby is an interesting interaction. Play more with the baby to play the game, can improve their ability to communicate.

4. Shape matching toys

shape matching toys

Ability to improve the baby: the concept of space, counting ability, fine action, recognize the color and so on.

5. Toy phone

toy phone

Toy phone is one of my favorite tools, think about it with the baby will do? Of course, is to imitate adults called.

Language and cognitive skills that can be exercised:

Imitation ability: Imitation, the performance of super-popular baby's favorite game is to pretend to call adults. Even if they do not speak, they will also learn to make adults' voices.

Take turns talking: They often stop when they say it and then let you speak. The basic rules of daily communication are learned through a toy phone.

Language training: Take the initiative to stimulate the baby's interest, and guide them to talk to adults so, their words, vocabulary, etc. will be raised in the dialogue.

6. Doll


Whether for male or female baby (right, including male baby), anthropomorphic baby can stimulate the baby's desire to communicate.

Can play like this:

Body part: Use dolls as an example to teach your baby to recognize the body parts such as the nose, mouth and eyes, so that learning is more vivid than simply taking pictures;

Part of the clothes: Doll's jacket, pants, hats, shoes and others baby's body also wear, take them to know about it;

Basic concept: Play with other toys and dolls together every family, this can help your baby to establish some basic concepts: doll to sleep in bed, dolls need to cover the quilt;

Answer question: What’s name of your doll? Where her home? Which color does she like? Ask some of these questions to help your baby think and communicate.

7. Shopping car

toy shopping car

Small shopping carts are good toys for every family, and some toy traders will sell them along with toys, fruits and vegetables and shopping carts. The baby pushes to buy the product, then asks for the price, and the ability to settle and speak increases unknowingly. The more fruits and vegetables in the shopping cart, the more babies can know.

You can play like this:

Basic concept: With the doll together play house, complete a shopping scene.

Answer question: Where are you go? What are you buy? What color of the apple? Push the car's baby more keen exercise (you can also use it as walker), guide them to do a accelerate, slow down, bypass the chair of these movements.

8. Toy car

toy car for children

Like dolls, it seems to me that toy cars do not need to be classified as toys for babies. Male babies usually have a wide range of toy cars at home, and there are several female babies.

Play like this:

Basic concept: Can help your baby know different colors, different size car. Can make the car faster or slower. You can use the building blocks from different locations, the car to the designated place.

Know the different parts of the car: Tires, steering wheels, windows, seats, etc. These basic parts can be taught to the baby.

Language: There are some specific words that you can learn while you play in the car, "You are here," "It is my turn," "Departure" and so on.

Answer questions: Who is driving? Where to go? How car horn ring?

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