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Foreigners came to participate in the ancient Chinese Games

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“The 1st China Traditional Sports Tianjin Challenge and Traditional Sports Project Performance” was held in Tianjin Museum on the 25th. The colorful and interactive forms have attracted the attention of Chinese and foreign traditional sports enthusiasts to the site for exchange and discussion. The enthusiastic participation of local citizens also ignited the sports passion of Tianjin in winter.

“Although it takes a little effort, it does not matter if you can meet these people,” said Mugala. Mujia Le is Tianmu Tianlu Diablo Club members, this time and his teammates on behalf of the club to participate in the opening ceremony of the diabolo. In 2005, Mujia Le, who was still in the sixth grade of elementary school, was attracted to the traditional movement by participating in the grandfather's diabolo for the first time in the park. Every day he will practice trembling bamboo, a practice is 12 years. Mu Jia Le told reporters: “Like Diabolo not only because of its tricks, but also training brain thinking, practice their own tricks, and then show to everyone, will feel very happy.”

Since practicing diabolo, Mu Jiale's life has also made no small changes. He said diabolo can make him play more and more happily, contact with more fresh air, and colds are less. Now, Mu Jiale has Diabolo propaganda as a part of their lives. In addition to his usual work, he also spends his free time teaching diabolo in his primary school campus and will exchange diaper exercises on the weekend to attract more young people to join. Mu Jiale said: “This event can broaden our horizons, carry forward the traditional Chinese sports, so that we can exchange the diabolo, so that more space tricks, rather than the traditional more.”

Oscar from Australia and Thorsten from German are members of Tianjin Dragon Harvest Dragonfly community community. The two act as actors in the performance of the Diablo Challenge, and the two are very excited. Although Oscar only studied diabolo for a month, he had been in contact with Diabolo while in Australia. Oscar said: “I live in Melbourne. I have seen many Taiwanese who live there. Last year 's Spring Festival, Melbourne was particularly bustling. Many Chinese people wore red clothes to go to the streets and felt very interesting.”

 Oscar's coach said that although he does not speak Chinese much, it does not affect the learning curve and advances very fast, and Oscar insists on practicing every day. Although Thorsten touched Diabolo for the first time at this event, he was instantly attracted by the sport. “I had never played in Germany before, but the Germans knew about Diabolo, and some people would play diabolo. This was my first experience. I was very entertained and very happy to be able to attend this event.”

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