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Gossip about British Royal Children's Toys

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British local time on April 23, the British House of Kensington published a report that Princess Kate had successfully delivered a baby boy at Lindo Private Branch of St Mary's Hospital in central London. This is the third child of Princess Kate and her husband, Prince William.
On the evening of the same day, Prince William and Kate Wang, who was carrying the little prince, stepped out of the hospital and greeted the warm-hearted people. Princess Kate wore a bright red dress and embraced the little prince who had just come to this world. What gift will he receive soon after the birth of the little prince? Now we talk about toys that royal children like.
Dolls are undoubtedly the favorite toys for girls. Princess Elizabeth’s doll has a vintage look from appearance to clothing. She also named the red doll “Pomera”. The few wooden dolls in the front row of the window were made by the Victorian princess, who was ingenuity, and could sigh. The royal family is also a talented woman.
Selection of toys to the children of the royal family will still pay attention to all around development of moral.
3.Toy horse
The British people have a long history of love for horses. The relationship between the British royal family and the horse is also very close. Queen Elizabeth loved equestrianism in her early years. This can be reflected in the shaking she played with Princess Margaret.
The rattle I played when I was a child was wooden, but the British royals played silver. In 1763, George IV's female tutor gave the silver rattle in the picture to his childhood George IV. It is said that after that, his 14 brothers and sisters had played with this toy.
5.Imitation cake
The popular feeling of imitation cake is also a matter of this decade,but the British royal family used it as a toy as early as 160 years ago! In 1853, the Queen Victoria's eighth child, Prince Leopold, received a copy of a four-story Christmas cake. It looks and feels just like no other, and it is equally mouth-watering.
6.Rabbit Tea Set
It is said that this is Queen Elizabeth's favorite toy, a rabbit-shaped pink tea set. It is no wonder that the British tea culture has a long history, so it seems that this is absolutely a good example of a doll.
7.Animal cart
The British royal family's toys reflect the family's love of animals. Apart from rocking horses and rabbit tea sets, this puppy-shaped wooden wheelbarrow also reflects this. Although the stroller seems to have been mottled, it was Princess Anne and Prince Charles' memories of the Royal Lodge in Windsor.
8.Car model
Of course the boys loved the car model, including the bike, tricycle, tractor, and the 007-seat Aston Martin DB5 sports car. In 1966, the 6-year-old Duke of York received the gift. This sports car has appeared in the films “The Iron King War Goldfinger” and “Iron King Kong Devil Devil Party.” The DB5 license plate in the tablet can be flipped. A bullet-proof shield that can be ejected can be used to create a smoke screen. There is also an electric water jet device in the rearview mirror.
9.Mini RV
It seems that the toy car in hand can no longer meet the royal children's leisure and entertainment. The RV Club gave Prince Charles and Princess Annie a miniature RV in 1955. The child was able to get in without any problems. From a distance, through the glass window, he could see the curtains and shelves in the car.
10.Baby cart
Queen Elizabeth loved baby stroller when she was 2 years old.
When choosing an educational toy, which aspect should you pay special attention to?
Parents buy toys that exceed the age range in order to make children happier or grow faster. However, toys with too many functions may not necessarily please children's joy. Sometimes children do not use, fear or frustration, will reduced their learning ability and willingness. Many smart toys nowadays fully consider the ease of operation. Simple toys can subtly cultivate the habit of learning and exploring, so that the ever-present sense of accomplishment enhances the child's self-confidence.
Most parents like shatterproof toy. In fact, the durability of a toy depends on the integrity of the design, the method of manufacture and the material. Durability should also take into account the playability of toys, Many smart toys, even though they have many functions, do not take into account the correct guidance of children's desire to learn, explore, and curiosity, and ignore the fact that children's attention is easily distracted. Many children stay playing on one or two functions, which inevitably makes children boredom. Many parents often complain that their children have just bought a toy and want new ones. A good toy should make children happy to play, have fun, and play in reverse. This not only satisfies the curiosity, activeness, and eagerness of the child, but also plays an invaluable role in promoting the development of children's brain cells.
The color, shape, and composition of toys are important factors in attracting children. Beautifully colored toys are not only easy to attract children's preferences, but also attract the attention of parents.
Below, I introduce several educational toys for everyone. 

Cartoon stuffed ball

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Animal bean bag

educational stuffed ball for baby

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