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Too many toys can damage children’s multiple abilities

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1.Excessive toys affect the child's focus
Case: During the Chinese New Year, relatives and friends came to give many toys for Xiao Ming. Xiao Ming looked around at the toys. After half an hour, he looked through all the toys. But there wasn't one more than ten minutes. When the sense of freshness was over, Xiao Ming ignored these new toys and picked up a tissue to start playing.
Analysis: Giving children lots of toys at the same time does have a certain impact on the child’s attention. Therefore, if the child has a lot of toys, it is best for parents to categorize the toys according to their age. At the same time, they only give the children a toy.
Suggest: When the child is young, parents should pay attention to storing the toy in a closed cabinet or box. Do not allow children to see the toy at any time. Each time only give the child a toy to play, it is conducive to the cultivation of his concentration and the development of a sense of order.
After the child is 1 year old, the sense of order has gradually been established. When children grow up, parents can give their children the right to play with toys. However, you must make arrangements with your child. You can only play one toy at a time, and don't list all the toys out in front of you. If you want to play another game, you must first put it up before you play it. If parents give only one toy at a time from their childhood, they will develop the habit of playing only one toy at a time, and it will be very easy to grow up. If parents did not give the children such habits before, they can start training from now on, and they can usually develop after 3 months.
2.Too much toys affect children's cognitive ability
Case: A U.S. study on preschool education programs shows that giving children too many toys or inappropriate toys can damage their cognitive ability. Because they will be at a loss with so many toys and cannot concentrate on playing one thing.
Analysis: Because the baby's brain has not yet developed, the ability to select and control is not mature enough. If the stimuli are excessive and the information is miscellaneous, it is easy for the brain to become excited and interact with each other, which will hinder the development of the nervous system. If too many toys, but the child will have no choice, the results nothing to play, has been playing in a simple stage, not even playing toys.
Suggest: The role of toys is mainly to assist and promote children's physical and psychological development. It is not in quantity but in suitability. The so-called fit, one must be suitable for this age group, the second is to play a role in promoting the normal development of children at this stage. For example, a child about 1 year old is learning to go. At this time, it needs a dragging duck toy. It can make a noise, stimulate children's excitement and help them to exercise their walking ability. For example, a child about 1 year old is learning to go. At this time, it needs a dragging duck toy. It can make a noise, stimulate children's excitement and help them to exercise their walking ability.
3.Too much toys affect children’s intelligence
Case: The research done by Kaychelova, a professor of educational psychology at Oxford University in the UK, confirmed the view that “too many toys can affect children’s intelligence”. She tracked 3,000 children between the ages of 3-5 years for several years. It was found that fewer toys children, because their parents read with them, sing and play time more than those family is superior, high mountains of the same age children toy intelligence. Seirva believes that “too many toys can easily distract the children's attention, and when they are not focused, they cannot learn or play better.”
How to buy toys?
1.Understand what your child needs?
Is the child's interest in sports greater than gadgets? Is the child's talent inclined to painting or music? Don’t want to play their own childhood toys, forced upon the child. You only have to play with children and watch children's TV programs together to understand your child's world.
2.Buy old toys
Many parents are not used to buying old toys, but some flea markets are actually a good place to pick toys.
3.Caring for children's toys
If the child’s beloved toy is broken, the dexterous mother and father can work with the child to try to fix it. In doing so, the child will know how much Mom and Dad care about him and let him learn how to cherish the toy.
4.Sorting collection toys
Parents often throw toys at random in a bucket. Over time, this bucket of toys was treated as waste, and the child did not know what toys were in the bucket. Toys are best stored by type and placed in a place where children can easily access it. If a toy has been playing for a few months, you can temporarily put it away and after a while, make it feel fresh.
5.Exchange toys
Teach children to use toys to play with other children. If a child is tired of some kind of toy, he can advise him to give the toy to others.
6.Buy high quality and durable toys
The quality of toys is more important than the number of toys. For example, some combination toys are quite expensive, but they can play for a long time.

In addition, children are encouraged to participate in more outdoor activities and group activities. Expand your child's vision and exercise your child's ability in all aspects. Let children play with imagination and creativity instead of enjoying the fun of a single toy. Encourage children to learn to exchange toys with others and learn to get along with others and share them.

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