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Do you know how to play sandbag? Here are 10 ways to tell you how to play.

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10 bean bag game to play with children

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Bean bags are so fabulous things. My mother-in-law has done, give these to my children, but you can always order bean bags from our website. My kids like their bean bags and they get a lot of use. I think using 10 bean bags to play games with kids is to make you more fun working with kids.

1. Throw bean bags to yourself

They can try to capture the skills and tossing up and down. You can see how much they are arranged in a row, or how high they can throw, and still maintain enough control to capture it again.

2. “Bubble Gum” Rhyme

Children love rhyming songs. Through the bean bag this rhyme: “bubble gum, bubble gum in a plate. How many pieces do you have?” Whoever says how many blocks, and then you pass the ball multiple times. Start rhyming again. Although this is the most boring for me, this is their favorite bean bag activity.

3. Bean bag catch

Give a child a cup or a small pot like the one shown above. Let another child throw it away. They need to work together as a team and try to grab as much of them as you can.

4. Bean bag relays

Let them balance the body parts of the bean bag until the game is over. Yes, only one of them can win. They can balance their head, arms, back or shoulders.

5. Bean Bag Balance

This is a test to see who can balance for the longest time on the body parts (chest, head, arms, food, cheek, back of hand or face).

6. Bean bag basketball

It was a frustrating game, they took turns trying to bean bag in the dustbin. You can change the start of your job based on your child's age to make it fair.

7. Bean Bag Music Freeze

Play music. Let them dance or throw bean bags at the music. They need to be at rest when the music stops.

8. Bean bag balance disorders

I didn’t get a great picture of this, but you have the kids walking a line made of string. Don’t step on or touch obstacles along the way (such as T-base or inverted bucket, etc.). The goal is that no beans drop to the end of the string. You can also draw the chalk lines that they need to follow.

9. Bean bag endurance activities

This will keep them busy for a while. A pile of bean bags as the end of the yard. They need to put bean bags in the yard one at a time. They need to do what you ordered, so when they pick up a bean bag, you'll be out loud to say whether you should run, jump, climb, etc.

10. Hide the Beanbag

Take turns hiding the bean bag and then having the others go and search for it.

Bean bag is really a very interesting thing. It can be regarded as a toy, but also as a game. Its variety of play, which is described above is only one of ten. If there are other friends who play, please tell us.

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