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Zodiac dog origins and legends

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Dogs, since ancient times, have been loyal to be friends with mankind. Where legends about dogs, why become a zodiac?

Legend, the Jade Emperor decreed in the selection phase comes when the twelve animals, the animals all want to be on the sign of the Zodiac, as God. The animals are to their advantage as much as possible to show it. In the face of Jade Emperor wanted to prove that it is a powerful human hand. Not only that, animals also want to put their position in front of it. Therefore, all arguing about who made great contributions to mankind. Cats and dogs and human relations are very close. Cats think dogs eat too much, all-day just lying in the door, the cat also think that dogs eat too much, all day just lying in the door, no contribution. Dogs think cat eat only day, did not do anything, but is chanting, frightening scared mice, but also no contribution. They argued endlessly, so together to the Jade Emperor comment.

Jade Emperor asked the dog: “How much do you eat every day?” The dog answered honestly: “I watch the park every day, eat a meal.” Emperor asked the cat: “How much do you eat?” Cats inspiration, said: “I will read the scripture, catch the mouse, eat a lamp for each meal.” Cats just wanted to subtly tell the Jade Emperor, don’t just eat one lamps. Their own self-reliance, catch mice eat, then, his contribution will be bigger than a dog.

After listening to the dogs and cats, Jade Emperor concluded that cats eat less and do more, contribute more than dogs. A dog, angry, thought cats with a disgraceful lie to win their own. So he scolded, while chasing a cat bite. Cats indefensible, ran all the way non-stop, didn’t dare show up to the house, hiding, afraid to come out. Taking advantage of the cat to escape its chance, the dog quickly go to the temple as a phase. The chicken even fly with the run, discharged to the front of the dog. Cats hiding in the dark for a long time can not see the shadow of the dog, came out to know that the dog first came in a queue. It quickly flew to Temple, row behind the chicken. All animals didn’t realize the little mouse playing a means to hide the horns when pre-empt the Zodiac. The results cat and missed the Zodiac. Since then, the cat hated the mouse, met and killed. Although the dog became a genius, but he honestly never forgive the cat, met the cat chase, until today or so.

In real life, dogs are the closest human friends. From the ancient hunting era, humans have domesticated dogs to serve themselves. Catching prey, guarding homes and farmland, grazing mountain. For people to watch. Dog is not only the most intimate partner of mankind, but also the most loyal partner of mankind. Under no circumstances will dogs betray their owners. However, for the dog to his loyalty, to win the trust of humanity, it is a sign of the Zodiac as a human being undisputed.

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