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Do you know to how teach your child play basketball? The rules of the basketball is the most important.

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Kindergarten basketball training

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Basketball helps kindergarten children exercise while learning new skills. According to Keven A. Prusak, author of “Basketball Fun and Games: 50 Skill-Building Activities for Children,” Kindergarten children's basketball training should focus on learning the game rather than competitions. Choose a maneuver that allows each player to practice multiple times to help build skills and encourage everyone to succeed.

Fingers drill

Fingertip exercises teach children how to handle the ball so that they can stay in the game, according to Burrall Paye and Patrick Paye, authors of “Youth Basketball Drills.” Players are holding a basketball on the court. On your sign, instruct each player to pass back and forth between his hands. Educational kindergartens aim their pass precisely so they do not lose the ball. When players master skills, encourage them to pass the ball low and then high to mimic the way they handle the ball during matches and games.

Fixed dribble

According to Jim Garland, author of “The Baffled Parent's Guide to Great Basketball Drills,” Dribble in a fixed position can teach kindergarten while master dribbling skills. Scattered players at one end of the basketball court, basketball for everyone. Show players how to use single-handed dribbling and switching between their hands. With the progress of young children dribbling, you can teach them to dribble between their legs and dribble into zigzag. Once the athlete proficient in dribbling, let him move around.

Triangle transmission

Triangle pass training teach children how to pass the ball accurately to other players on the court. Divide the players into three groups. Place three markers in the shape of a triangle on the basketball court. A triangle is assembled for every three players. Each player stands on one of the markers in the formation. Play basketball for two players in each triangle. The first player passes the ball to the player while the other player passes the ball to the first player. Kindergarten in the entire exercise must keep the two ball play. Encourage players to watch the ball, so that they can better grasp the passing and passing. Keep practicing for three to five minutes.


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