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Whether you worry about how to clean plush toys? Here the methords for you.

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How to wash your baby's stuffed animals

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The plush toys have lovely shape and feel comfortable , has been much loved by the people. But after playing a long time, it is easy to stick gray dirt, therefore it should be cleaned regularly. Nowadays, there are many tricks of cleaning plush toys on the internet, such as dry salt dry cleaning method and baking soda dry method, in the end what is really effective?

Jolie Kerr is a cleaning expert for The New York Times bestseller, consulting columnist and writer. Her flagship column, “Ask the Clean People,” debuted in 2011. Here for future generations, we are starting a new iteration, focusing on parenting and all the troubles.

I came across you while searching the internet to find out how to clean my stuffed lamb, named LambChop. I have an old, old stuffed Lamb that belonged to my mother before she passed away 4 years ago. When she was ill for 10 years she slept with it every night and cuddled to it. After she passed away I kept it and sleep with it, thinking of her.

Poor LambChop is very, very dingy and kind of worn. I need to clean it so that it will be white again, and not so grey looking, but I’m afraid to put it into the washing machine. I wouldn’t care so much, except it was Mom’s and she loved it and so do I. How can I clean it without it falling apart and still get it white again? It is now tagless so I can’t read the instructions on it. Thank you for any help you can give me, I appreciate it.

It is very cute, as a fully grown adult woman, love my Paddington Bear more than any other person or thing in the world, I understand you completely. I also like this problem because it illustrates the difference between washing plush toys. Some old plush toys than others, or more like, which may decide how you clean their choice.

1. Coarse salt dry cleaning method

First to buy a bag of crude salt from the market, after returning home to find a clean plastic bag. Then take a small amount of coarse salt in plastic bags, put the plush toy into it, and make the mouth of the bag fastened, rattled up and down start. About 40 times or so, let the plush toys out, after shake the coarse salt on the surface. Then salt will be found to darken, plush toys will be more clean than before.

2. Baking soda dry cleaning method

Spread baking soda evenly on the toys, then use a clean little brush along the brush toys. If it is a big dirty toy, you can rub it by hand. For a while you will see a lot of dirty brush on the brush, remove and continue scrub until clean. If you feel after baking brush soda stained plush toys, you can use a hairdryer blow.

3. Cornmeal dry cleaning method

In the sprayer into the right amount of water, make the toy wet, and then sprinkle cornmeal evenly on the toy surface. Placed in dry shade, and finally adhered to the surface of the toy cornmeal to dust them off.

4. Traditional hand washing method

First water and wool detergent into the basin, stir the water in the basin with a soft brush or other tool until the rich foam is stirred. Then use a soft brush dipped in foam brush the soft toy surface clean, and then into the water in the basin pressure wash, so plush toys can be cleaned of dust and washing liquid. When the water in the basin becomes turbid, clear the plush toy into the washing machine and gently dehydrate it and let it dry in a well-ventilated place.

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