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How to play the flying disc

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Do you know how to play flying disc with your child? Here are 15 ways tell you how play the flying disc.

Is your child tired of playing the same old-fashioned football game? Try to throw the flying disc! Plastic dishes add a twist to the familiar game, developing massive motor skills and burning extra energy.

This 15 frisbee game is a great choice for you to play with kids:

1. Throwing race

Pair the two teams in the Diego 23 match. Stand a few feet and try to complete as many passes as possible within two minutes. The most passing team wins.

2. Flying disc flip

This sports game activity allows the children to pair and pick the “top” or “bottom” of the frisbee. Flip the disc in the air like a coin - as soon as it lands, players facing up must go to a predetermined location. Other players must try to catch them before they arrive.

3. Water transport competition

In this game, fill up the flying disc from the Youthwork Practice and race towards the finish line. But be careful! Move too fast and you will leak.

4. Hula Hoop Frisbee Throwing

For this game in the educational world, please hobby hung four hula hoops. Each player has five chances to throw a frisbee through one of the basketballs. Each time the flying disc passes through the basket, points are awarded.

5. Flying disc Label

Kids love to play tags. Why not add Frisbee to the combo? The perfect party game divides these activities into two teams. Not the “it” team gives the flying disc to the other party, keep it away from the “It” team. Once the “It” team gets the disc, the team will switch roles.

6. Shield throw

Does your child love superheroes? Use the idea of Three Dot Design Studio to practice Captain America's shield. Set a can tower on the table. Every child will make three laps and knock the jar off the table.

7. Flying disc Tic-Tac-Toe

Take a large shower curtain and make a tic-tac-toe board with tape, just like Occasionally Crafty. Rotate different colored frisbees on the board. The first person who landed three consecutive discs won! You can also participate in the competition.

8. Flying disc Bowling

This super simple game from Junkyard Sports is easy to play. Line up water bottles for bowling pins and try to knock them down with the flying disc.

9. Flying disc H-O-R-S-E

The PE Central H-O-R-S-E game can use flying disc instead of hitting the ball. The first player created a challenge just like hitting a target with a frisbee. If they complete the challenge, everyone must try. Complete the task and receive a letter until you spell H-O-R-S-E. Take turns becoming challengers.

10. Flying disc Bocce

For this camping club game, players form a line. The first person rolls a tennis ball. Each player discards their flying disc and tries to place it at or near the ball. The nearest player gets a point - if their Frisbee falls on the ball, they score two points!

11. Flying disc Golf

Using numbered baskets like Little Gene Green Bean does, set up a “golf course” around the yard. Take turns tossing the Fying disc towards the “hole.” Just like golf, try to take as few throws as possible to land the disc inside the basket. The player with the lowest score wins.

12. Flying disc Baseball

Trade your ball and bat for a Frisbee in this game from Ultimate Frisbee Now. Just like regular baseball, teams try to earn the most runs. “Batters” throw a disc and run the bases. If a fielding player catches it, the batter is out.

13. Flying disc Dodgeball

Divided into two teams on both sides of the lawn. Flying disc arranged in the middle. When “Go!” is yelled, run, grab the discs and try to hit the other team. If you are hit, you are out. One Frisbee was caught in the air and one player returned to the game. Find full directions on 71 Toes.

14. Flying Flowers

Make and Takes shows you how to turn a regular Frisbee into a fly. The player can get the number of points that can be put into the barrel (or “pot”).

15. Ultimate Flying disc

Divide the player into two teams. Like football, the goal is to try to get the flying disc into the target. Throw the disc to your teammate and move it to the field, but once you catch the disc you must stop. Find the complete set of rules in Kids Sports Activities.

Did you remember the above 15 games? Flying disc is a good game that can not only improve children's physical fitness, but also promote children's and parents' exchanges. Buy flying disc with the children to spend the weekend parenting time it.

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