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Use bouncing balls exercise kids attention

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Bouncy ball was invented in 1965 by a man named Norman Stingley. He is a chemist who works full time at Betis Rubber Company and enjoys fixing ideas in his spare time. This fuung ball who knew that one day they'd be recommended for children who have trouble focusing in school?

But today it is happening. Balancing balls may be toys created by doctors to help children fully realize their potential in class, especially for those with sensory processing disorders. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or just a strong need for irritability. About fitness enthusiasts began to use balance balls (also known as fitness balls, stability balls or therapeutic balls) in their exercise therapy as a way to strengthen their abdominal and back muscles. In order to enhance the core muscles and improve the posture in the sitting posture, a ball chair was developed. In the 1980s, some occupational therapists started recommending classes to educators. They think that they are particularly helpful for children with special learning needs.

Then in 2003, a study was published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy, which concluded that among students with ADHD, sitting on a therapeutic ball improves behavior and clear text productivity. Students using ball chairs can sit quietly, focus on, and be able to write more words clearly.

Rochester’s Mayo Clinic conducted a survey of these findings in 2007 and found the benefits of a chairless classroom. In the Mayo Study, the study focused on improving learning and reducing obesity by making children more active, researchers found that they can walk more when they are seated, allowing the students to be more focused. Mayo Clinic Communications Consultant Bob Nellis told Minneapolis St. Paul Star Tribune, he thinks this is because the children can use the bouncing on the ball to consume excess energy.

Seated is not always a good thing

“In general, people don't sit still.”Diana Henry is an occupational therapist who travels in a RV and provides school-based and personal occupational therapy services. “They are always wavering. The youngest children are more affected because their sensory systems are still developing.” This is why children need to take a break at school. “Running, jumping, spinning, swinging.” Henry said. “These activities are very important for the development of the children's central nervous system, brain and body.”

Some children need more exercise than others. For some children have sensory processing disorder, or ADHD, in the exercise can let their brains participate in. “There is a neural pathway from your body's balance and motor system to the alert system in your brain. Exercise actually allows vigilance and attention,” said Henry.

This is where the ball chair comes in. In order to deal with the instability of the ball, in order to maintain balance while sitting down, body instinctively - continuously - participates in the core muscle groups. In order to keep sitting on the ball, you need to continue exercising. However, this action is minor in any way, and it helps them to focus.

Parents and teachers put the theme of the course on the test

Kyle Barros who retired elementary school teachers from the Monument, said: “The ball chair is very useful for children who need a lot of exercise.” Barros used a chair in her classroom to achieve such success for a special needs child she needed. She was recommended and received a regional grant to prepare a ball chair for her classmate. “The chair is particularly helpful to students who need special help, but I also saw a huge difference in the children who were just shaking in the chair and need to move.”

When a child is sitting on a ball chair, they can guide their natural exercise energy and exercise needs in a positive way. Because the child on the chair must constantly move his body to the chair to maintain balance.

Therefore, instead of compressing children's natural need for exercise, ball seats guide their physical energy in a positive way, allowing them to focus more fully on their work and give full play to learners’ potential.

Darcy Lewis, the mother of ADHD's two sons in Riverside, Illinois, has begun using ball chairs at home. “When they sit on the ball, they don't feel so annoyed but relaxed, by their own assessment, are more able to concentrate, whether on homework or dinner conversation with the rest of the family,”says Lewis.

Parents like Lewis are using the concept of classroom ball chairs and allow their children to use them at home. For this reason, a ball chair can be a good toy for your child. However, it is very important that children don’t sit on adult-sized balls. “The important thing is that the ball is suitable for children,” said Henry. When the child sits comfortably on the ball, he tries to reach a 90-degree angle when the knee bends. Ordinary sized chairs or balls may be suitable for larger or taller children. Or try a child-sized ball chair.

What if your child is just plain focus?

Regardless of whether your child has SPD or ADHD, you can participate in this study. As Henry and Barros said above, every child needs exercise. With or without a real ball chair, here are some things you can do to give your child more swing space when doing homework or other sitting activities at home: If the child size ball seat does not have a budget, ask the child to read, do homework, or even do homework. Sit on a Kids Stay-N-Play ball and place a properly sized balance ball stabilizer ball (just the ball on the floor ) Watch educational programs on TV.

Place a resistance band on the leg of the chair so that your child can jump up and down while working.

Stick sandpaper under the table or table so that your child can touch it with their fingers while sitting on any task.

Provide a trash can filled with what your child can play when they are expected to sit still. (Try Koosh balls, squeeze balls, elastic animals and other tactile toys.)

All in all, bouncing ball is a good toy for children, it have a lot of benefits.

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