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Do you know children also have pressure?

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Children also have pressure, as parents, do you know?

We always think that only the world of adults has stress, and children are carefree. But in fact, children are also under pressure. Every move of our adults affects children. The study has been published, and stress and children's emotional and behavioral problems are inextricably linked, and are most likely the main cause of depression and anxiety in children! Although major events such as parental divorce and the death of a loved one are a source of stress for children. However, parents should not ignore the pressure of small events, such as being rejected by their peers, family conflicts, and hand-to-hand comparisons. So how do you relieve stress for your child? I will give you a few tips!

1. Control your own pressure: There is nothing wrong with telling your child about your troubles, but don't let children feel that they must take responsibility for your emotions. Avoid over-inflation of your child's family economy or marital problems. Tell him that you will find a solution and that the situation is under control.

2. Ask your child's daily life status: Let the child make sure that the parents respect him and listen at all times. Don’t despise his unease, such as: “This is no big deal.” Empathetic to appease him, such as: “I know it must make you very sad.”

3. Develop sedation skills: If your child’s emotions are violent, you can give them a stress ball and let them be vented. Then relax your skills through yoga or meditation. Dr. Grimmel offers her calm breathing method that she teaches her children: Use her nose to quickly breathe three breaths, then slowly vomit from her mouth and make a slight buzz.

4. Make breakfast smoother: Help the children to prepare schoolbags and clothes for school the evening before, so as to prevent the children from getting up in chaos and going to school with a bad mood. The school program fixed, step by step, is particularly beneficial for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children too.

5. Retention time game: Don't fill your child's time full. Parenting experts believe that independent games and imagination are an indispensable foundation for children's physical and mental development. Once the sense of urgency in time, parents and children will be much easier.

6. Vitamin B-complex supplement: Reduce the concentration of homocysteine (Note) in the body and increase the pressure resistance. Vitamin B-rich foods include whole grains, eggs, dark green vegetables, beer yeast powder, and red beets.

7. Have a good dinner: Taking some thoughts to create a safe and intimate atmosphere makes dinner an easy time for the family. Aromatherapy candle, turn off the TV, don’t answer the phone.

8. Help your child improve efficiency: Teach him to prioritize things and divide the complex work into several tasks. For example, to organize a room, you can start by sorting clothes.

9. Create a safe image: Before the children go to bed to study for him, don't say that they are worried and scared. Let him fall asleep with safe and comfortable images. Remind your child to think about this beautiful image when you are unhappy or nervous.

10. Quit caffeine: Caffeine stimulates the brain and increases anxiety. It is best to avoid giving children caffeinated drinks.

The above 10 points are suggestions on how to ease the pressure on children. The children’s minds are relatively simple, so their resistance to stress is weaker than that of adults. And they don’t know how to resolve their own pressure. Therefore, parents should observe the children's every move in their daily lives, so that children don’t suffer from depression and anxiety due to excessive pressure!

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