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There are many benefits of play basketball for children.

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How many benefits do children play basketball?

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With the beginning of the new school year, you have to look for outdoor activities your child can pursue in their spare time. And these should be able to keep them active, through exercise to ease the pressure of learning day after day.

Indeed, basketball is a good outdoor activity to accommodate the growing children's bill. Encouraging children to play basketball when they are young can not only help him benefit from a rigorous exercise, but it will also serve as the basis for later vitality.

As a sport, this game does not require too much equipment. If you don’t have a basketball court nearby, It shouldn’t stop you from indulging in the game. You can place the basket in a large room, or even better; put one outside, or in the open space of your apartment building, on your lawn or where you visit regularly. Now our company offers equipment like basketball, the Nets and rebounds which can be placed and disassembled easily after use.

So, which of your children will benefit from playing basketball?

1. Complete physical exercise

Basketball is a brisk exercise involving a lot of running, jumping, dribbling, passing and shooting. If your child is not interested in sports activities, and accompanied bothering you dull / laziness or weight problem, then basketball is a good choice, because exercise in the continuous movement helps to burn calories and reduce fat.

2. Build muscle

As the sport involves rapid movement and strict use of the entire body, muscles and limbs, this will help to condition the body and muscles in the arms, thighs and calves. A boy who grows up will have the idea of showing off some muscles, similarly, girls will only be happy to recuperate their bodies.

3. To improve height

Now several generations, some people say that basketball will make you grow taller. Although determining the height of each person is a natural gene, sports like basketball definitely help to grow. Movement of the main movement, movement frequency and jumping movements scientifically show evidence to help growing children to improve height.

4. Improve accuracy and accuracy

The ball into the basket need to be very concentrated, a good goal and high accuracy, all of this can be accomplished through a great deal of practice. Learning goals and building accuracy are lifelong skills that your child can benefit from.

5. Cultivate self-discipline

Like any other sport, basketball has many rules to follow. Failure to comply will result in penalties. So this is a good way for your child to understand the importance of following the rules and developing a competitive spirit when doing so.

6. Teach strategy

Each sport requires a certain firepower strategy to score. Dribble and passing skills and shooting skills make basketball a very strategic game. This is another important skill your child learns about life lessons.

7. Instill team work ideas

Learning basketball is a great exercise to learn to interact and work together in a team to develop successful plans and tactics. While playing, working is the best way they appreciate and adopt teamwork.

8. Help make new friends

We often hear our children say “I don’t have any friends.” This happens when a child refuses to go outside to participate in outdoor sports and activities. Being part of a sports team, especially a sports team that requires a minimum of 5 athletes like basketball, will automatically ensure that your child is well-connected and well-established in the process.

9. Enhance confidence

Whenever your kid throws the ball into the basket, confidence grows by leaps and bounds. Their confidence will be greatly improved because they control the ball and the strategy of the game, which will reflect their overall personality.

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