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China is the world's largest toy producer and exporter, more than two-thirds of the global market toy products from China. This year, a number of countries and regions issued a new toy restrictions on China's toy exports. Although foreign toy standards frequently updated, China's toy exports remained strong growth.

According to customs statistics, China's toy exports continued growth for eight consecutive years. From $ 7.78 billion in 2009 to $ 18.88 billion in 2016, the average annual growth rate of 33.18%. This year from January to May, China's toy export value reached US $ 7.588 billion, an increase of 45.8%, an increase significantly. China's toy exports in 2017 are expected to remain strong growth momentum, the reason following:

First, "along the way" to drive emerging markets. The United States, the European Union has been a major market for Chinese exports of toys. With the "one side of the road" initiative, the domestic toy trade business continued to heat up. Middle East, Southeast Asia, ASEAN and other emerging markets, the rapid rise and rapid growth, has become a new opportunity for the development of China's toy industry.

According to customs statistics, the first quarter of this year, China's traditional toy exports 3.881 billion US dollars, an increase of 33.45%. In addition to Europe and the United States and other traditional markets to maintain steady growth, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other "along the way" related to emerging markets to achieve substantial growth in exports. Which exports the Philippines ranked first, followed by Singapore, Russia ranked third, respectively, the total amount of 4.10%, 3.61% and 2.77%. The first quarter of this year, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan compared with the same period last year, the most obvious increase, respectively, 7643.3 %% and 2986.5%.

Second, corporate awareness gradually increased. Mainly for the two aspects. First, brand awareness, independent research and development awareness gradually increased. For a long time, China's toy companies are OEM-based processing, lack of visibility in foreign countries. In recent years, the domestic toy companies began to increase design and research and development efforts, and strive to shift from OEM to ODM. Continuously improve the pioneering and innovative ability, and actively cultivate independent intellectual property rights, accelerate the development of independent brands and expand overseas marketing channels. Aimed at continuously improve their own brand in foreign visibility. Second, the quality control awareness gradually increased.

Toy companies to improve product quality, at the same time increase the investment of funds, continuously intensify technological transformation, strengthen the design and development of new products, improve the quality management system. At the same time, to carry out supplier evaluation, raw material testing and verification, product type test has also become a toy company to take the initiative to carry out the daily quality control behavior.

Third, the free trade zone listing to play a geographical advantage. The establishment of a free trade zone, or reduce or cancel the import and export duties of goods trade, then promoting China and around the world of import and export trade, for the toy companies to provide a good opportunity for development. Toy companies can use the FTA agreement, in a timely manner to the inspection and quarantine departments to apply for free trade area certificate of origin, enjoy the import country import tariff concessions.

Fourth, "cross-border electricity providers + Internet" to promote business transformation and upgrading. With the cross-border electricity business to further enhance the impact of the real economy, the toy industry is also experiencing from product development, marketing, sales channels to the end of the transformation and upgrading of consumption. They may use high-quality IP operation as the carrier, the implementation of set animation, online games, peripheral derivatives as one of the multi-media entertainment industry strategy, or may use the "Internet + toys" linkage model, focusing on the development of animation, education, film and television, building interactive entertainment education industry chain.

Taking Jinhua as an example, more and more Jinhua toy manufacturers began to actively seek new ways in recent years. On the one hand the development of the original film and television plus derivative products, animation industry and peripheral products and other cultural integration model to expand overseas markets, innovative products to attract consumers to stimulate market demand. On the other hand, research and development using intelligent, simulation and other technologies of new products, efforts to improve product value, market segments consumer demand.

Toy marketing has also been from the original single line of activities to promote the promotion of online diversification of interactive promotion and digital marketing. Through the Internet online community, social media, television media, children's variety show and other channels, especially through social network media to traditional toy brands from the industry brand to the consumer brand change. In addition, cross-border electricity business platform can also collect feedback in a timely manner, creating more Chinese brands for China to create a more convenient path.

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