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With the toy market increasingly saturated, the market competitiveness is growing. Toy buyers of the sales task more and more difficult.

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How can the toy retail outlets to sell more toys?

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How can the toy retail outlets to sell more toys? It needs to "key moment" to seize the "key people"!

First key character: toy shopping guide

Toy shopping guide directly face to the customer, is the first key figure to achieve the terminal toy sales. 80 after and 90 after generation parents have higher education and a wider range of knowledge, the concept of consumption is more mature. They buy toys, not only to let the baby have fun, more attention is to understand the value of toys on the growth of the baby. This is the most lacking in the retail end of the toy shopping guide. Store sales are mostly in the natural sales state. Rattles fitness rack in maternal stores sell the best, and why? Customer buy more which as gifts, they needn’t need more shopping guide recommended.

Domestic toy industry, factory plethora. In the supply of basic toys, the supply is far greater than the demand. Competition between the brand is particularly fierce, are competing for high-quality channel business, compete for the terminal on the shelf rate. In the final analysis, everyone is competing for customers. But we really meet customer demand for the toys it? In 2007, someone began to advocate "toy education" concept. In my opinion, toy shopping guide not only master product knowledge, improve sales skills, to provide customers with good service. But also master the toy consumer psychology, parent-child relationship training and toy education expertise, so as to better grasp the key moment facing customers.

Second character: toy Purchase

Toy procurement and toy retail terminal relationship, like the relationship between mother and child. The child's body can be healthy, largely depends on year after year, my mother three meals a day to the children to eat food structure. Toys retail terminal "body" is healthy, sales can multiply, largely depends on the procurement of "toy structure" is reasonable. Toy procurement in the procurement of toys at this critical moment, can not just look at the upstream channel providers to provide what products. More important is based on the scientific toy education expertise and the characteristics of the local market, the organization of excellent toy product structure for the toy shopping guide sales and customer selection. Small-scale toy retail terminal, toy procurement may have to personally by the boss. Toys shopping guide and toy procurement, to have the hardware and software, who can provide it? Storefront? Hard! Limited resources, limited capacity. Factory also hard. Domestic toy factory for the service market is not much manpower, each factory product line is also limited, China's vast territory, many stores, by the factory seems unlikely in the short term. So this glorious and arduous task, responsibility fell on him.

Third character: Toy channel business

Professional toy channel business, general business more varieties, comprehensive management structure, can cover a certain area, the region's market to grasp the relative position. In the face of the toy retail terminal procurement and shopping guide these key figures of the critical moment, to the toy product knowledge, toy education expertise, sales multiplication skills, customer management, toy consumer psychology, parent-child relationship training, 360 ° experience sense of business , 360 ° information management, etc., to conduct scientific guidance and practical training, the terminal of these key figures "armed" up.

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After such a toy retail "supply side of the structural reform", the customer's real needs to be stimulated, was satisfied, and retail doubled, the shipments doubled, and all aspects of the benefits of good, grab the brand, Competition and other market chaos can naturally get a certain degree of governance.

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