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PVC filled cotton is one of the most important materials

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Which filler is suitable for toys?

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  First the materials are widely sourced and cheap. Second, fiber has good thermplastic and heat preservation. 

Third its elasticity, anti-chemical drugs and electrical insulation are good. Fourth it is wear-resistant, low cost and high strength. 

Last but not least, PVC fiber cotton is a difficult flammability material, so it is safe to fill with toys. Most of products are filled with 

PVC fiber cotton ,such as educational toys, sport items and promotion items

  Apart from that, we focus on the product and the meaning of the product. Take a product for example, colorful number cube toys. 

Color and number can develop kid intelligence and creativity. We think toys are much more flexible than books or cards. Our products 

not only safety, but also have excellent educational significance.


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