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The effect of color on the baby

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Foreign scholars have observed and studied 300 babies for up to live years.The results show that:A child who grew up in a colorful environment,his mind,observation and memory are higher than live in normal environment.On the contrary,if baby live in black,gray,dim and unpleasant color environment,it can effect the development of nerve cells in the brain.Make the child appear inflexible,responsive and intellectual.Another psychologist took three years,study the influence of color on inflant's intelligence.The report shows that who live in beautiful color,such as light blue,yellow,orange and others are change alert and creative,IQ is 12points higher than normal.This is the reason of our company why product colorful educational toys.For example,the series of colorful animals,all the animal are in various of beautiful color.Its role is to develop children's intelligence.Our products non-toxic,safety is guaranteed,is your choice!


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