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Why the giraffe is the tallest animal in the world? Why the giraffe grow so fast?

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The ten truths of the giraffe

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On the surface, the giraffe "superior", live a leisurely life. In fact, all of its organ activities have reached the limit.

The giraffe is the tallest animal on earth. The giraffe's neck, like other mammals, consists of seven cervical vertebrae. It is tall and slender, beautiful curve, usually up to 2 meters. Plus slender forelegs, the Bucks height of up to 6 meters; female height is shorter, 4.6 meters; newly born deer cubs, height also 1.8 meters.

The giraffe's head can rotate almost 360 °. The giraffe's head can be rotated flexibly because the neck is long, but because of its unique cervical structure. Human connection shoulder and arm joints allow free movement of the upper limbs, cervical giraffe just as human joints. When they drink water, the giraffe's neck can almost be attached to the ground. At rest, the neck can also be bent back, take to the thigh. Bucks can be around in the favorite of the deer, shaking there head, ready to give competitors a fatal blow.

The giraffe is basically not lying down. For giraffes, it is not easy to get up from the ground, to use the muscles of the body, once the center of gravity instability, then prone to fracture. Therefore, the giraffe basically do not lie down, and even sleep are standing to sleep. Soon after birth, is not a good control of the body of the deer cubs, in order to rest for a while, then just curled his legs lying sideways.

The giraffe only takes the hard road. Due to the large size, limb slim, the simplest walking action is extremely complicated for giraffes, so it can only take the hard road. The giraffes are similar to human fingerprints, each of which is unique. The giraffe is mainly distributed in the African savannah in the southern and southeastern Sahara deserts. The life of the wild giraffe is about 25 years old.

The giraffe's tongue is very long. The main food of the giraffe is the locust leaves, the locust leaves are rich in water and allow the giraffe to drink for a long time. The giraffe's tongue is as long as half a meter, which makes it enough for the leaves to go high.

Under the action of gravity, the blood will concentrate on the lower limbs of the giraffe. Giraffe's blood vessel wall tough, developed, the body's skin and fascia abnormal compact, can compress blood vessels, control blood flow, promote blood flow up the lower limbs. This mechanism is running efficiently, NASA also draws on this mechanism when developing space suits to keep the astronauts' blood pressure steady and lose their blood to the lower limbs.

The giraffe's heart weighs more than 10 kilograms. Giraffe every day to rise, bow hundreds of times, the blood to go through the distance of 3 meters from the heart to the brain. If the human blood vessels installed to the head of the giraffe, then in the near 400 mm Hg blood pressure, the blood vessels will instantly crack. The giraffe's heart is usually more than 10 kilograms of weight, about 60 cm long, which allows it to effectively prevent the brain hypoxia. Because the blood vessel wall is tough and elastic, the giraffe does not get fainted by hypoxia; when it bows, the blood flushes to the head and the arteries do not rupture. Although the head to withstand the influx of blood pressure, but still able to maintain intracranial blood pressure basically unchanged. If its blood vessel wall is not tough enough, crooked neck may cause blood vessels to rupture.

Giraffes are standing production. If they lay down to product, lions and other large predators suddenly appeared, the deer will not be able to quickly get up to protect the cubs. Like other large ungulate animals, giraffes are standing production, the pups out of the first leg, the head is still the mother's stomach. When the cubs fall from a height of 1.5 meters, the hind legs can effectively cushion the impact with the ground. If the newborn pups are not in the front of the mother's belly in the abdomen, it is bound to break the neck when it is born.

The giraffe's skin can be used as a shield. Giraffe's skin is extremely tough, and deer skin is often used to make shields. Although this feature can make blood flow, also cause some small trouble, such as to inject it had to use special tools, the needle into its body.

Treatment of giraffes is a tricky problem. Only professional veterinarians are eligible to inject giraffes. As the needle can not pierce the buttocks, legs and back of the skin, so to carry out chest injection. But also in a special way to be anesthetized giraffe down, so that its body close to a similar haystack soft device, or deer head from 6 meters high hit the ground will fall to crush. To the giraffe surgery, at least 10 to 15 people, somebody are responsible for holding, someone is responsible for the down, and others have to prevent this monster himself fell to the ground. In order to simplify this process, deer from two years old, began to learn how to enter the specialized isolation room and practice stretching legs, to facilitate veterinary blood. This is the so-called domestication of medical behavior. In general, after 5 years to 6 years of training, giraffes can match with the veterinarian.

In addition, the giraffe, like other ruminants, returns the undigested feed back to the mouth and repeatedly chews the food. Unique physiological characteristics of the giraffe can adapt to other animals can not survive the ecological environment, but they are also in danger, the environment can make this subtle changes in the beautiful animals facing the disaster.

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