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I spent 2 hours and 9 minutes very seriously to the Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock (Sandra Bullock) starred in the movie "warm rugby" (The Blind Side) read. Until the subtitles all finished, I also immersed in this       beautiful, very warm, very inspirational film. Director John Lee Hanke has directed the "Good Will Hunting", is also a motivating good film.

Michael Orr was separated from his mother and was taken up by different adoptive families, eventually sent to a church school. But because his grades are not ideal, plus he could not get warm in the adoptive family. He flew in the cold autumn at the end of a man wandering the streets, met a happened to drive through the Toledo, which not only changed his fate, but also changed the life of this family. Tuo Yi a passion and tolerance, especially the love of mother Lian, encourage and support, let Michael experience the family has never experienced the warmth. A new life so that he can find their own life goals, choose what they want to do, and eventually become a good rugby player.

The whole film, no gorgeous special effects, no fantasy plot. But from beginning to end, I have a feeling that the beautiful. The world you can find a lot of beautiful, the beauty of this film from the heart, when people tell the truth that is beautiful. And the beautiful film has the same effect, can make some people follow the movie with the happy and sad, when the film ends, this from the heart of the feelings will continue in the hearts of these people.

Caring is the most important backing in our lives, money fame and fortune is a supporting role, love is the eternal protagonist.

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