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Which toy is a good toy?

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Suitable for children's toy is a good toy.

In childhood, every child was arounded by toys, toys are children's textbooks. However, recently a lot of popular toy pops open, such as toothpicks crossbow, water gun, simulation darts, attack power is very large, once accidentally shot the eyes, ears and other vulnerable parts, it may affect the child's life.

Therefore, parents should pay attention to the following questions when choosing toys for their children:

1. Is it safe?

Choosing toys for children is a top priority. Due to their young age, lack of safety awareness, they are always playing the toys to see, touch, smell, bite, hit, which made the toy safety requirements set high. Parents should pay particular attention to the stuffing of plush toys when choosing toys for their children, which easily left a large number of bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, leading to the spread of the disease. Toys have sharp edges, hard thorn, easy to scratch children's skin. Toys or materials used in the production of toxic substances in the paint coating easily poisoned children. Toys on the excessive, small parts (such as animal bear eyes) accessories are not easy to fall off, easily swallowed by children and so on. In addition, the use of toys in the process also need regular inspection and disinfection to ensure good performance toys, safety and health.

Ballstar toys are pass pass EN71-1,2,3, ASTM F11-963, Phthalate free, Azo free, PAHS Part 2, absolutely safe and secure.

2. Whether it can bring pleasure

Entertainment is the most basic function of toys. Children's interest in toys, does not care whether it is educational, but only consider whether it is fun to play, can maximize the child to meet the needs of pleasure. Any toy is like a beautiful handicraft, its exaggerated shape, strange ideas, sophisticated structure, vivid images, changing movements. Sound sweet, bright colors and other characteristics, will give the child an unexpected effect, will strongly appeal to children. So that children in the manipulation, play with the process, enjoy endless fun. Transformers such as a wide variety of, due to the clever structure, children can be transformed into different shapes, coupled with the realistic sound, but also let the children put it down. On the market a lot of weird, scary toys, children can only be used to engage in practical joke, and not much value at all.

3. Is it suitable for children's age characteristics?

Due to the different ages of children have different interests and hobbies, the demand for toys is different. Parents buy toys, we must take into account the child's age characteristics and psychological needs. If you buy many toys that are not suitable for age characteristics, children can not play, do not play or do not want to play, and sometimes even damage the toy.

3 to 6 years old children need a lot of animal toys, transport toys, smart toys, structural toys, etc., to meet the needs of their physical and mental development. But there are also differences between the three different age classes when choosing toys. Children in small classes should choose toys that are simple in structure and closely related to their life and provide simple intelligence toys. Children in middle class like a variety of theme toys, a variety of sports toys and intelligence toys with a certain degree of difficulty. Chilaren in large class physical and mental requirements are higher. Therefore, the preparation of the toy material to be rich, choose some diversified and complex sports toys and have a certain degree of difficulty of the intellectual toys. Primary school children need toys, the more emphasis on intellectual development, interest training and physical exercise.

4 Is it suitable for children's interests and abilities??

As the saying goes, hobbies are the best teachers. If the toy provided to the child happens to be what he or she likes, the educational value in the toy can be fully realized and demonstrated. Children as a personality with different individuals, their interests and abilities are bound to exist differences, adults must not impose their own preferences on the child's body, their favorite may not be what the child needs. Such as adults are very fond of jade antiques, far less than in the eyes of children and mud clutched dolls or shells picked up on the beach. At the same time, the choice of toys should also take into account the child's actual ability. As for children's remote control cars, too young children's hand muscles are not yet hot. It simply can not be controlled. Therefore, according to children's interests and ability to choose their toys, is a problem that can not be ignored.

5. Is it educational?

Renowned child educator Chen Heqin once pointed out: Toys should not only make children happy and laughing, but also should be of educational value. Many parents have the notion that toys that teach children how to read, make arithmetic, or recite poems are of educational value. In fact, this is one-sided. A good toy should not only enhance children's knowledge, but also benefit children's overall development, such as triggering curiosity, developing imagination and creativity, enriching life experience and cultivating good quality. As a car, in addition to the car can bring fun to children, but also the way to let children know how to comply with the importance of traffic rules. Play building blocks, children build a variety of buildings in the pile at the same time, to experience the beauty and create happy. Educational toys are conducive to the healthy development of children's physical and mental health, practice a variety of abilities and skills, toys, modeling, color with aesthetic intentions, beautiful decoration and interesting, can deeply attract children, and can lead to children's happiness .

In order to meet the needs of children, we design a series of educational toys.

6. Note the child's gender differences

Because of different physiological factors, boys and girls are also a notable problem when choosing toys. According to a survey by a psychologist in the United Kingdom, boys and girls are found to have very different trends in their activities. Most of boy's activities tend to be objects, they are active, more "naughty" energetic, like adventure. While girls are mostly inclined to people, they are quiet, affectionate, friendship, not interested in new things. Because of the difference of activity tendency, the preference of the toy is also different. In life, boys like guns, tanks, cars, balls, etc., while girls love dolls, small animals, tableware and so on. Therefore, parents choose toys for their children can not help but consider this gender difference. It is noteworthy that not every child must choose according to their gender roles toys, boys can also choose some small animals, cutlery and other toys, girls can also choose cars, tanks, balls and other toys.

7. Not necessarily more complex the better

A variety of mechanical, optical, remote control, electronic toys all reflect the modern atmosphere. When we are passionate about these toys, we realize whether they can give children a variety of fantasies and sustenance. An airplane may be of great interest to children at first, but over time they become annoyed because it is just a plane and children can not imagine it as anything else. Children treat toys like the nature of their love to play, can not be replaced by many fleeting new things. A bamboo pole, in different children's hands, or in the same child's different games, can be a horse, a gun, a golden hoop stick, a sword, a crutch, and the like.

In short, the choice of toys for children is not a simple matter, the need to combine the actual situation of children, providing toys conducive to its development.

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