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The first time I heard that the more toys your baby had, the more “stupid” it was!

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The first time I heard that the more toys your baby had, the more “stupid” it was!

Weekend party at a friend's house. It was long known that a friend was very restrained when buying toys for her baby, but she was still shocked by the number of her daughter’s toys: There are about a dozen plastic toys inside a storage box, add a baby to a big bed to soothe the doll.

Our two babies are about the same size. Her family is 2 years old and my family is 2 and a half years old. The number of toys my baby has is probably several times that of her family...

Although there are few children's toys for her girlfriend's family, her ability to express, imagination, and focus are far beyond my family. There is no harm without comparison. To know the speed with which my child plays Lego and suddenly pulls his leg to a doll or a picture book, it is probably the time when I blink. This family gathering made me have to reflect on whether too much toy is not harmful or not.

After returning from a friend's house, I did a lot of homework and found that: The richness of toys is of course important, but the so-called “too many toys” is not really a good thing.

Too many toys, baby's focus will be worse!

A study of a preschool toy in the United States shows that excessive toys can damage your baby’s cognitive ability. Because they will be in front of piles of toys at a loss, unable to focus on any one of them to play.Kindergarten teachers have found that the more toys your family has, the harder it is to concentrate.

Every time the teacher picks up the toy, the baby will grab it. But after grabbing, they don’t play, throw it away after playing twice. Their attention seems to be unable to stay on a toy at all, because they think there are more options ahead. As a result, many babies are just like monkeys picking up corn, picking one, losing one, playing the same, throwing the same thing, and the result is nothing.

Too many toys can hinder the development of creativity and imagination. If your baby's speed with a new toy is not as fast as the speed with which you can buy a toy, how can he have the time to study carefully the new play of the toy on hand?

In turn, once nothing is fun, it may be the time to inspire your baby's small universe. The Germans even did an experiment and took away all the toys in a kindergarten classroom, leaving only desk chairs and blankets. In the following three months, although the baby felt bored at first, they soon began to use their own things to play themselves and “invented” the game of playing tents with blankets and tables. It seems that the baby's imagination and potential can really be inspired by the environment!

There will always be new toys on hand to replace old toys, and babies will not know how to cherish the value of toys. A thing is valued if it is rare. The baby actually understands this truth better than us.

Toys are the first tool for babies to know the world. Only suitable tools can help your baby to better understand the world and recognize yourself.

So how many toys do you need?

The number of scholars proposed by the University of Virginia in the United States is 5! The reason is: toys are not refined, 5 are just good. Less than 5 toys, the baby may feel inferior; if more than 5, not only the toys are not played properly, but also limit your baby's creativity.

So, Mom and Dad will give the baby 5 classic, playable toys:

1 Assembling toys

Including puzzles, building blocks, etc.

In particular, building blocks are available in a variety of shapes and colors, and they can be freely combined into a variety of objects. In the process of assembling the building blocks, the baby's hands will become flexible and the hand-eye coordination will become better and better. Imagination and creativity will gradually increase during the game.

2 Sports toys

Such as ball toys, children's bicycles, rackets, roller skates and so on. Such toys can promote the full development of children's sports and balance ability, and also help develop the brave and confident character of the baby and the ability to communicate and collaborate...

3 Doodle toys

Colorful crayons, watercolor pens, paints, chalk, etc. By playing with pens and playing with paints, the baby's pen can show a colorful world, and imagination and creativity have also been greatly developed.

4 Stuffed toys

Plush toys have good comfort and soothing effects. From the beginning of the plush toy, the baby also had the initial imagination. In his hands, a bear or a bunny will slowly listen to his secrets or obediently play a baby-designated role.

5 Sound and light toys

The baby not only likes to listen to music, but also likes to hit any object that can make a sound. Some sounding dolls, story machines or toy keyboards are suitable as baby toys. These toys not only ease the baby's emotions, but also help the baby learn the language.

Mom and Dad choose toys to be combined with the baby's age and interest to choose. In addition, parents should understand that although toys play a very important role in the physical and mental development of the baby, they cannot represent the baby's entire world.

It is necessary to encourage the baby to participate in outdoor activities and group activities to expand the vision of the baby, use imagination and creativity to experience this colorful world in all directions.

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