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Do you know what ball you are fit for? If you have some question of how to choose the juggling ball, pls click this artical.

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How to choose juggling ball for yourself

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There are many types of juggling ball, different colors, different sizes and different materials for making. Not all balls are the same, it is important to find their suitable ball. Some people may think that a ball is a ball, they are the same juggling, but this is absolutely incorrect.

Some balls are not suitable for juggling. Take a tannis ball for example, tennis is the right size for a juggling ball, but it's too light. What happens when the balls are too light? They bounce off your hands when you try to catch them, making it much harder to juggle. You could definitely manage to juggle 3 tennis balls, but when it comes to doing harder tricks or juggling numbers, pls forget it.

Now back to the point: How to choose juggling balls?

Below is a useful chart that helps you to easily choose the best ball for you.

Type of Juggling/Juggler                     Recommended Juggling Ball

Beginner                                                 Basic juggling bean bag

Intermediate/Advanced             High quality juggling bean bag

Numbers juggling                                   Small juggling bean bag

Bounce Juggling                                        Bouncing juggling ball

Contact juggling                                                            Acrylic Ball

                                                       Practice Contact Juggling Ball

Performance                                                                  Stage balls

Practice                                         High quality juggling bean bag


Ask your own question

The first question asks yourself is what type of juggling I want? Different juggler prefer different balls. Are you doing 3 balls juggling, 5 balls juggling or even 7 balls juggling? Are you a bounce juggler? Or are you doing contact juggling? Answering these questions will give you clues as to what type you might want to buy.

The second question you must ask youself what size juggling ball do I want? Since juggling balls come in different weights and sizes you need to know what is right for you. For example the juggling bean bag are in size of 2 inch, 2.5 inhc, 2.9 inch. Or the contact juggling ball size include dia 5cm to 10cm. So before you shopping, you should ask yourself which size do you want to buy. Like you buy some cloths, I think you must ask yourself which style do you want before you buy. The size of a juggling ball is like the size of a garment, which is difficult to control without being suitable for oneself.

After you figure out the type and size you want, then you can ask yourself what kind of designs do I want? There are so many different designs that it makes it hard to choose sometimes. For performing, you will probably want to choose something a little flashier. For practicing, I prefer plain white colored balls.



So far, this is our best-selling typical 4 panels juggling balls. This is set of 3 is an all around great ball for the price. It’s durable. The size is 2″,2.5″and 2.9″, and the  weight is 56g, 83g, and 92g,  which is the most common size for a juggling ball. This set stands apart from cheaper sets that tend to fall apart easily or are too light. It’s squishy from the start and doesn’t require breaking in. This ball is a great choice for a beginner or a casual juggler who wants good set of balls that will last.


juggling balls 

Aother great classic option is the Shiny style ball. This one is almost the same dimensions as the classic 4-panel ball, its size include 2inch, 2.5inch, and 2.9 inch. Weight is 57g, 97g and 107g. It is soft than the classic 4-panel ball.

Choose this ball as a flashier option that looks and feels great when juggled.


bounching juggling ball

This is bounching ball. They still cheap, but material also high quality. They have almost 100% bounce ratio and they are the best you can get for bounce juggling. They are also great for traditional juggling. They will last you pretty much forever.


contact juggling ball 

This is Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball. This ball is great for 1 to 3 balls juggling, performing and contact juggling.100mm is a large size compared to most juggling balls making it great for contact juggling and performing on stage.

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